Sunday, August 3, 2008

I did it, I hooped

And if you think there are any pictures to prove it you'd be wrong. But the good news is that it did happen. There are 2 things that I did learn though. Because hey, life is nothing if not one big fat learning experience (because God has a sense of humor and we are the butt end of all of his jokes) 1. I have little to no coordination but I kinda already knew this one and 2. my living room is a wee bit too small for these hooping/cirque de soleil escapades. Ooo there's a big surprise, 'cause really, whose isn't? I made the dogs stay outside for the whole DVD, they were pissed. I had lotsa pity. Oh wait, no I didn't. The kid was at my mom's so I didn't have to worry about stuffing her and her hoop in a corner somewhere. So yeah I figure I do the DVD every day for hmm say the next 2 years and I too can look close to that chickie in my last post? Well as long as I stop eating and forget the fact that I gave birth and all a few years ago and have had a multitude of random surgeries none of them being plastic too right? Yeah, we can all agree on that right? mm'k, glad we could get all that straight.

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