Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I try, really I do!

I came home, took care of the dogs, cleaned the yard, worked out a bit (yeah, I know it must be that damned anorexia right?) and made dinner. Cooked dinner, fancy that! And you know what, I'm so tired I feel like I could just puke. I bet my blood sugar is too low dang it. I drank juice but I'm one of those low blood sugar people. Funny since I work with a bunch of diabetics, they must hate me I swear. They have to watch every thing that passes their lips that could may eventually turn into a sugar (like bread I would rather die being the bread addict that I am) and here I am feeling ill because my blood sugar is too low. I even have proof, I had my blood levels taken last week right after lunch and my glucose was smack dab in the middle of normal. Totally not where they should have been. They should have been sky high. Nope, mid normal. Had I been fasting (which is what I should have been doing when having my blood chemistries drawn) it would have probably been stupid low. That's why I am constantly snacking a work. And constantly freezing. I swear it's like a meat locker in there.
So anyway I was trying to save my day and end it on an up note. Make myself work out, release some endorphins, and eat healthy by making dinner. And just ended up by burning myself out. Why did I even bother getting up this morning? Stupid stupid move.

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