Friday, August 15, 2008

Sea Foam Green

It's not my favorite color by any means, but I didn't buy the house either so who am I to say what color to paint it? If I am going to be picky with what color my neighbor's house is to be then I will buy a house within an HOA neighborhood. I will not call the police, smear dog poop on the fence, nor put a dead rabbit on the lawn. But then again, I am not that kind of wuss ass pussy. Get real, if you've got an issue then move away. And for God's sake, use your brain, don't get into a pissing contest with your neighbor because I will tell you what, if my neighbor gets into a pissing contest with me bad bad things will go down. None of this little piss ant dog poop dead bunny shit oh no no. Classic that all this conservative crap is going on in So Cal too now isn't it? And here all the rest of the US always thought of the area as being so laid back. Oh no people, let me tell you, with all of the military that goes in and out of there and the retirees that settle down there Cali is not so laid back. They have plenty of uptight asses to spare. Yeah there's plenty of surfers and drunk students too but old people abound too so you'll see a lot of this crap being doled out. There aren't a lot of HOA's around any more though, the neighborhoods close to the coast especially, mostly because those are old neighborhoods. You go to the newer hoods, inland, and you will find some HOA's but for the most part they expired decades ago are are a thing of the long past. Regardless I just could not pass up a blog rant about these people and their behavior towards their new neighbor and her children just because they don't like the color she chose to paint her house. Like I said, if they wanted to control the color of their neighbor's house why in the world are they living in a neighborhood where they don't have that kind of control. Shit heads, I swear.

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Kimberly said...

so i guess she doesnt live near any cricut owners, they would love the color of that car-cricut green. there is even a lady on the MB that makes the decals for your car now.
people should realize there are so many more things they could be wasting their time on than picking with this lady and the color of her house. get a life