Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Psycho doctor's nurse update

Well at least I didn't have to post her number up here and have you all call her to drive her to returning my phone call (which, for the record, she did not). I called back this morning and had the luck of the nurse herself answering the phone. Instead of the scary mullet receptionist. No lie, the scariest man mullet you'll ever see on a woman. I'm not so sure I'd say she's a nice woman but she's just so scary to look at I can't get over it. Anyway I talked to the nurse and she's having me pull my blood today for my medicine levels and we'll then (hopefully) start weaning me off of the Keppra asap. Of course that doesn't mean I'll return to my version of sanity but who knows, maybe I will. Maybe I won't. One can only hope. In the mean time I am only down a few tubes of blood and a couple of holes in my arms, not bad for me.

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CindyDianne said...


I am from up in Cow Town and ran across your blog for the first time.