Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We have phone contact!

After 3 weeks of phone calls I finally got the neurologists office to call me back. I ran out of drugs. Oh and some how lost my copies of the refills she gave me. I do that sometimes. I lose my brain sometimes too but that's the norm. I got a call back from the doctor telling me that my Topomax levels are fine and I can be weaned off of the Keppra (YAY!) and so I will wean myself off over 3 weeks. BTW, my Keppra levels are actually high, yay again, may explain why I am freakishly extra whakadoodledoo too. 3 weeks though and I can be off, whooo hooo! I am so ready to be off this crap. My family is ready too, you believe me right? Damn psycho meds. I mean I understand that they don't want me seizing, I do really. But I have never seized, I have had all the tests that show that I am not a seizure risk and damn it I am over medicated on the drug anyway. Sheehowdy all the side affects are driving me batty and I'm almost catatonic and homicidal. Helllooo people! Get me off this crap! OK, getting off of my soap box now in a mildly appreciative manner, 3 more weeks. I wonder how long it takes to fully get out of ones system?...

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Jamie said...

"Whackadoodledoo?" I've never heard that one before....I've learned something today!

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