Saturday, August 9, 2008

The hubby's new adventure

So my gf has been into making bento boxes for herself and her son. I consider her to be much more creative and enthusiastic than myself (ok and saying that about my medicated self right now isn't saying much I know, but still). I showed my hubby some links to some darn cute bento boxes that I knew he'd love and he showed the dd and she loved them too. This then led to the inevidable I want one and her daddy looking at the links that I began to show him of all the cute little things that Japanese mothers make for their children's lunches. Oh the Japanese and their artful food making skills, wow. He wants to do this now. Well more power to the man. He did, last school year, make her peanut butter and jelly sushi roll sandwiches. Has anyone tried this before? I have, not so easy. You have to pound the bread flat, cut the crust off, put a thin layer of peanut butter and jelly on and when you roll it make sure the top layer does not slide off of the bottom layer. He got very good at it, me, not so much. So I have looked around a bit and located the local asian markets but they haven't any children's bento boxes so we're going to have to go online for those and the onigiri rice shapers like the ones pictured above (hello kitty of course). Our friend Danae is going to be visiting Austin next month so we'll be driving up there to see her. There are some asian markets up there too so we might try hitting those up and seeing if there is any more variety in their stores. Bets have it there are, it's a much more hip town than San Antonio. San Antonio is deeply set in it's "We are podunk and we like it like that" ways, regardless of it's 7th largest city in the United States status. Buncha redneck fatass morons that just can not drive off of the ranch that has not existed for at least 200 years. Shit heads, wake up and smell the smog! That fat thing, you see next to you, it's not a cow, it's your neighbor....

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