Monday, August 25, 2008

The good the bad and the rest

You get it all because well, I've been lagging and well, I'm too busy to post as often as I've had the ideas pop into my head. Really though I use the laptop at home and it's a Dell, the power cord died and costs $65 to replace and I'm too pissed at Dell for overcharging so I am not getting on the computer at home. BTW, the pics actually relate to the last paragraph so you'll have to bear with me before we get to those. I'll try to use paragraphs this time but no guarantees. As for the previous post ya'll can thank my lovely dh, he went back and put in the paragraph breaks. He knew I'd never go back and fix that. I'm more into burping up writings onto the pages than going back and making them actually legible. Yes, he has full access into everything of mine, and probably vice versa although strangely neither of us has abused the abilties. I just noticed him the other week going though my blog and was like, what are you doing, are you actually being nice to my readers because you know I would not go back and put paragraph breaks in. And he responds mmm hmmm or some such over his shoulder. So you guys can go over to his poor neglected, never updated blog and say thank you. Maybe it'll encourage him to update more often if he know someone is listening!

He's a wonderful writer but an even better listener. I've had girlfriends in the past go through divorces call me up on my cell phone and have the luck of me not being there and get him instead (lucky them!) and they would talk to him for hours. It probably did them much more good to talk to him (no lie) than to me anyway. I'd of course call them back but by that time the emotional crisis had passed and the dh had talked her through it and all was good in the world. Yup, I do keep him around for a reason. His excellent English skills, his ability to talk my girlfriends off of the teetering edge, and his public relations skills. All the things I am sorely lacking. Oh and his patience with children, I have very little of that too. As a side note, we are working on getting him back into the teaching field. We need to send all of his credentials to the state of Texas and have them evaluated, then wait for them to decide what he needs to do to be accredited in Texas, usually they make you pay several hundred dollars and take tests. We'll see if that pans out though. In the mean time he had an interview for some desk job in the local police department. Who knows, maybe that'll work.

This week the mother in law has been out for the kid who has started her first week of the first grade today. She was a bit nervous since most of her kinder class was not in her new class, I think she has 3 kids that she knows in this new class which is not bad considering there are 9 classes in her grade. Yeah, 9 classes of 22, insane isn't it? There are a lot of kids in this school district, they are opening an average of 8 new schools every year. This year they opened our local new high school. Next year we get another new elementary school and jr high. When that new elementary opens up our elementary is to be much less crowded, hopefully. We shall see. I'm hoping it means When the dh does get accredited it means there will be many more local jobs for him. There are so many families out here and unlike in So Cal where everyone who has a kid has one out here everyone has 3 or 4. Many kids, insane schools!

But moving on to the bad, or semi bad depending on how you look at it. I was almost ready to get moving at work. We were days away from getting started. Days, well maybe like 2 weeks, but that still can be measured in days! We had building permits (finally!) and everything. We were so close but no. We needed to exhaust my instrument (downstairs on the first floor) up through to the floor into the hood (second floor) and up through the roof. This proved to be too much of a pain so they are now changing the plans. Now we are going to move my entire mass spectrometer upstairs (and probably piss off the mass spec gods in the process) and expand my room by a factor of 3. That brand new reception area that I was going to take a small corner of (see pics above)? Yeah well I'm taking the entire area of now. Yup. The whole thing. It's mine, all mine. But of course that also means I will not be up and running for a good long time. I started working here at the end of May. I will not be actually working for um well maybe another 4 months? Maybe? I dunno. Until then I show up and play on the internet. Is it a good paycheck? Yes? With great bennies too. Is it stimulating? No, God I'm bored. I will not complain though. It's a paycheck with some awesome people.

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