Saturday, August 9, 2008

Nuts and Butts

Don't worry, this post does not come with pictures. Not like I wouldn't put them up if I had them but I don't so your retinas are spared. If you haven't noticed I am not one to spare ya'lls retinas...and yet you keep coming back. The dh worked over time Saturday and as you know he's a corrections officer at a max security prison. This is his first time with working overtime so now we know what kind of job they give you when you show up for ot, they call it nuts and butts. What does that mean you ask? Wellll, it's strip searches for visitations. What, you think they just get to go in, visit and go back in the cells? Oh no no no, at least not at max security, I suspect not at min securities as well but I dunno. Regardless I'll get more details once the kid goes to sleep (please people, we spare the 6 yr old much of the details of what her daddy sees and does at work) but I do know that there are convicts out there who have tattoos on their penises and nuts. Helloooo, why? I mean really why in the world would one want to? Plus damn, that really must have stung.
Yes we do have an interesting household. My hubby's hair is cut by a convict, his uniforms are washed and pressed by one, and his boots are polished by one too. Really, how many of you out there can say the same about stuff hanging or sitting in your closet? Weird to think about huh? Just what did that man that touched your husband's clothing and cut your hubby's hair do to get locked up? Did he kill somebody? It probably wasn't a drug deal that went bad, those guys are at a different prison west of us here, a minimum security that was the hubby's original post. The CO's try not to find out about what the convicts did to get in there, it makes them treat them differently and they don't want to know or do that. But that stuff is sitting in my closet and it kinda makes me nosey. I mean wouldn't it make you nosey?

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