Friday, August 8, 2008

Texas is big, and parking at my work is not

My writing is circuitous, if you haven't noticed by now. But I always bring around don't I? Have a little faith people! Let's start of with the little things. The building I work in is technically owned by Christus Santa Rosa, one of the local hospitals in the Medical Centers. DGD just leases the buildings from them. Now when the owner of DGD decided to expand and create a research center with 100 beds for patients in a whole separate 4 story building next door (that was spun off last year into a different entity) many more employees were now placed in our immediate vicinity. Wow, more parking spots were now needed, fancy that! So they are building us a new parking lot. The down side? Now you knew there would be one right? We came to work Monday and they had closed half of our own parking lot and didn't tell us where we could park in the mean time. All right ok fine. So we parked in the far side of patient parking for the day. Patient parking is never full and we didn't fill it up anyway. And the bastages started towing us around noon. Yeah, nice. To be expected of course. No notification or anything, no alternatives, nothing, just a tow. Gotta love hospital methodology. Totally unsurprising. Anyway yesterday they directed us into weird spots to park and then ticketed us during lunch (?). Why tell us to park someplace that they are going to ticket us, who knows. Anyway on the ticket (that has no price to pay) they noted where they want us to park. In a parking garage. OK fine dandy doodle, no problem with me. They don't charge money for this parking garage and it's covered so I'm happy. No one else is because it's too far (insert whine here).
Now is where I will bring in that curve of the Texas is big circle. Oh no boys and girls, I am not talking about the size about the land here I'm talking about the size of the PEOPLE. These people are, across the board, morbidly obese. Or just fucking fat. Lets call a spade a spade, these people are fat fat fat and working at a diabetes clinic I have some serious job security. Hell half these people working in here are diabetic, 80% are fat and on a "diet" (using the term loosely here). So when they were told they'd have to park in the parking garage about 800 yards away they had a little wee bit of a hissy fit. It's sooo faar! they whined like the fat little bitches they are. Wow,you know, the area I sit in is really super cold. I call it the meat locker. I still don't have what I need to do my job so I just sit all day and play on the computer so I get up and take a walk at least twice a day. Over to the helicopter pad and back to get my blood moving and get feeling back in my hands and feet. It's a really really short walk (5 minutes total maybe?) but it's long enough that I can feel my feet again. Guess what's on the other side of the heli pad? The parking garage! Don't get me started. Little whiny bitches....
Good lord what will they do when they have to deal with real life when a doctor tells them they are dying and they have to exercise or they will die? Let me guess, they will just lay down on their fat asses and DIE.

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