Saturday, October 25, 2008

Amazing what you can squeeze into a morning

Yeah it was D Day, the kid's Build A Bear birthday party at 11 am, the Fall Plant Swap at 9 am, and you know I still needed to get the cupcakes, and the pizza, dh had to remember to bring the camera and the drinks, oh and the kid right? It was a success, we got it all done.

I had him pull out the 2 roses I wanted out of my garden yesterday (he's a sweetie like that)so I could give them away. Why was I getting rid of 2 perfectly fine roses you ask? Well they didn't match my garden. They were hybrid teas, my others are David Austins. Plus Queen Elizabeth is just so...upright...she's like 10ft tall and 2 ft wide. She looks terrible next to everything else. And Rio Samba? Gads I have a no spray garden and every spring when her first bloom comes the thrips hit her so bad that there's a veritible cloud of them so thick you can't see the bush through it. I hack her completely down to the ground and 2 months later she grows back and the thrips are gone. Not my kind of rose, too much work. So out they went and my friend Patty had graciously offered to take the girls and give them a new home at her place. Oddly enough the dh said they were easily pulled from their holes and potted to be moved, suffering very little damage. Queen Elizabeth had to be cut down quite a bit, she was like 8+ feet tall and we were not going to try to stick that in the car but there was plenty of plant left. Of course I didn't even make it there until like 10 am, late much? It's a perpetual in my life. Good thing I don't live in the country, all my animals would be dead.

I left there pretty quickly after depositing the roses with their new owner and made my way back towards the party, hitting up 2 stores. 1 for the Halloween cupcakes the dd requested and a cheese pizza for the kids to eat. Oh and the plates and napkins too. DH brought drinks from home so between the 2 of us we had everything covered. Oh yeah this was waaaay easier than last year. So by about 11:30 I was able to get there and meet up with a group of gleeful girls putting some of the funniest combos of clothing on stuffed animals. We had a bunny with pants that couldn't be pulled up over his low low bunny tail so he had low rider pants on. There was a pink teddy bear with a red cheerleader outfit (color co-ordinate much?), dd's was a orange cat with an oddly sleazy wedding dress on. It came with a baby kitten that she put the blue garter around to make it look like a skirt (?). If you've ever gone to Build A Bear you'd know that the place has some of the cutest outfits you could ever come up with in ten thousand varieties. How in God's green earth these girls chose these is beyond me. We stood there watching them like 'OhhKaaaay, lookin goood' ahh the power of young kids and their style choice. It made them happy though so we just let them have at it.

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