Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For those of you who love dogs

Frenchies in particular, this company has a frenchie, Mayor Jack Reynolds, as the office mascot and also the VP of Security & Integrity and he has made these little movie spoofs. Dang adorable. Cute little snippits and this dog, well, he's a frenchie. We think they are adorable, it's why we continue to create this poor deformed breed! Ya'll do realize they are artificially inseminated and c-sectioned right? This is the epitome of abby-normal breeding at it's finest. Enjoy, they are adorable little movies!

Alexander Interactive starring Mayor Jack Reynolds


Anonymous said...

You know I love dogs! I'll take a look at these later this afternoon!

Katie said...

yep Frenchies are just like the English Bulldog... man-made! But oh how I love them. And it just makes me so so so mad when people don't do their research and realize how much work it is to raise a bulldog! They are high maintenance, I tell ya! ;)

Train Wreck said...

Oh I love him!! I want a Frenchie!! I went to the rescue you had posted the other day. They don't ship them! argh! I would be such a good Frenchie Step mommy! I would love it, and pat it, and squeeze it, and hold it,!! Well I would!I would also spay it! No breeding for her, Pet purpose only!