Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The great desk debate continues

The opponent has posted. And as far as I can tell she can't win. She has too many hidey holes. She claims that doesn't help her and that it's more of a mesmerizing affect. Sure, right, whatever. Mine just looks like crap. I say I win. When the boss lady comes round and ignores your desk then it's obviously not a big mess. The boss lady comes by my mess and flinches. I tell her to hurry up and get MY DAMN LAB BUILT WOMAN. She doesn't like me much (I'm hella expensive and won't earn her money until I'm up and running), good thing there aren't any other mass spectrometrists in San Antonio to replace me with. Ha ha!


Anonymous said...

See I think yours wins hands down because she has the nice airy window that makes everything look organized. Plus hers actually looks organized. And the fact that you have chemicals next to food is a handsdown win in my book!

Susie said...

Agreed. You win, easily.

AnnaM said...

omg... see, the boss doesnt cring when she comes by my desk, she actually stops and says, you really need to straighten this up.

Now come on... I'm the only desk in the office with snacks, bobby pins, paper towels, clorox wipes, safetly pins, Advil, excedrin, a needle and thread, and the coin cup for the water bottles.
not to mention any other thing they think of that I need to have!

Big window... yeah.. only cause they moved me OUT of my dark cave. I liked my cave.
What I need is more is desk space.
Counter top. I've improved upon my mess since yesterday. So there. :P

AnnaM said...

Note I said "that they think I need to have" yes, they ask me for this stuff.
So its as much their fault as it is mine!!!