Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt!

What the hell are you talking about Michelle? Yeah ya'll knew I had strange hobbies but this one is a little off kilter even for me since (obviously) I don't have any babies in my household. I would have mentioned a baby on my blog at some point right? Yeah I know but I have this friend you see (Danae) and she runs a mommy forum and she's all into the cloth diapering thing which I would be into also had I a baby (which I DON'T). She has a store too with her wares, Night Sky Kids and it's going to be part of The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt. Which is a once a year online treasure hunt.
OK so the prizes are cloth diapers and that type stuff that most of us non baby having people really don't give a rat's patootie about but me and Anna (the mistress of all treasure hunts) helped Danae out last year with and it was insanely fun. Emphasis on insane. And frustrating which just means they did a really great job of hiding that little icon you're supposed to find. It's a diaper but to us it looks like an owl so we just call it an owl. We were absolutely fiendishly looking for that owl on some sites. They have some that are 'extreme' and lemme tell you, it's hard finding that sucker. On one site I just had to float the cursor over everything until I noticed it turn from a pointer to a hand and that's where it was. It took awhile to find that one....
Anyway we are doing it again this year only this time Danae's store is participating so we are going to come up with her clues. How fun is that? Oh yeah, behind the scenes, where we get to move the icon around every week or so and confuse those people who are cheating and calling their friends to find out where we hid our little owl icon. Of course we are doing the same, we have a spreadsheet we are keeping track of where everything is because hey, spread the love! Anyway what are the chances of winning these things anyway? We found each and every one of the icons last year and did we win? Oh hell no but dang was it fun!
So if you're into treasure hunts as fiendishly as we are I encourage you to go on this one. It runs the month of November and yes, it'll take you the entire month but it'll entertain you for that whole damn month! That way you can also email me for hints (or just flat out say I can't find it, give me the answer!) and we can chat it up like I always seem to do with everyone that emails me. It usually ends up being a long email chain of so and so found such and such because there are so many different hints to get though one website. We make it work though and eventually we'll find it. Or it gets moved and someone else finds it for us!
So join in if you'd like, I'll randomly post updates of funniness even if you don't care, it's a highly amusing trek of where's Waldo like proportions plus you get to learn about a whole different world of greenie tree hugging cloth diapering (oh and mama pad wearing) peoples out there. Occasionally you get some other odd website too, like last year I think they had some website hosting site or maybe she made websites proper. I can't remember, regardless there are a lot of work at home mom types that do this so it's very cool. It's a nice way of promoting one's business too!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! If I had any need for cloth diapers then I'd participate! And that does look like an owl!