Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jack's Frightmare Forest at Sea World's Howl-O-Scream

Which resulted in a most entertaining Saturday 11pm filled with the 6 yr old dd screaming
Which I loved. Damn it was funny. I am a big fan of Halloween, it's my fav holiday. I do have to physically restrain myself from hitting the ghouls they have dressed up and lurking and almost touching you whilst walking around. Really when at an amusement park or just out if someone comes up to you and touches you the instinct is fight or flight right? I'm 5'1", my legs are short, flight is useless so I've learned to just try to beat the crap out of people trying to leach on me. I am proud to say I didn't beat up any of the hired help at said theme park last night. It took considerable effort and restraint though. I did not want to spend my Saturday night waiting in a 2 hour line to get in to a haunted house. No really, I didn't. The dh for some reason had assumed I thought it'd be a great idea and I'd be all for it. I think he popped some of the dogs Prozac for lunch, I dunno. I do know he knows me better than that. Men. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be though, I figured it would be one of those typical jump out and scare you haunted houses, and they did have a lot of jump out and scare you people hidden in there but they were wonderfully creative about it. We were impressed and that's saying something. When it comes to Halloween stuff we're pretty hard to impress, we've worked them before and been to a bazillion of them. Like everyone else out there right?

The kid, well now, that's always going to be fun. She's just about to turn 7 this week, it's all new to her. We hadn't been through one with her yet and we hadn't been in this one so we didn't know if it would be too much for her. We let her watch some films that are a bit mature compared to what other parents let their kids watch so we know she's not a scaredy cat. We watch Japanese animation (not as conservative as American stuff, it's odd and obscure for those of you who don't watch that type stuff) and she watches it too. She watches Nightmare Before Christmas and that's a bit hardcore too but it doesn't scare her. But the haunted house, damn it was soooo funny to take her through it. It wasn't too scary at all. I could not stop laughing through the entire thing. Oh yeah, he daddy carried her the entire time just in case it was too much for her. At one point we thought it was almost the end and there was a clear space that looked like a pumpkin patch so he set her down. Yeah that was waaay cool. Turns out there were some people dressed in burlap sacks behind the hay bales to jump out and scare you. Hehe that's when she started screaming for her daddy to pick her up again. And he just crouched down with her and kept laughing for a bit so she could get a little of the experience. See now that is what Halloween is all about. Listening to small child scream in terror for their parents while their parents laugh at them.

I must say that going stupid late at night added to the experience. Their zombie/ghouls were FABULOUS, loved the costumes and the acting. They did a great job. They had one that was dragging a shovel, sounds like a simple prop but it was a great idea. The sound it made was creepy and scared the crap out of you in the dark. I wouldn't even bother going for the experience during the day. Nope, we're going to have to go next Friday or Saturday night again...looks like the kid is going to be pulling a couple more late nighters this month!

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Kimberly said...

okay that is funny, we were at seaworld last night! of course not probably as late because w/ the little ones we do none of that halloween stuff. Russ is going to have to take the boys so they can see those shows