Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bought music

How long has it been since I've actually gone into a store and purchased a physical cd? Awhile, let me tell ya. We've joined the modern age, we usually just get the occasional song on iTunes because really, who likes an entire album? People like one or 2 songs on an album so we might as well just get those 2 and shine the rest. The dh was flitting about the internet and found this new rendition of the soundtrack of The Nightmare Before Christmas, it has all those lovely songs that Danny Elfman wrote (love that man) redone by some interesting folk. Like Lock, Shock and Barrel's song Kidnap Sandy Claws is re-done by Korn. Oh hell yeah that's a good twisted song, excellent choice of artist. The Jack and Sally Montage is done by The Vitamin String Quartet, just lovely, and Amy Lee from Evanesence does Sally's Song, oh I love her voice. On an interesting twist, and I mean interesting, they had the Yoshida Brothers do Nabbed and it's a wild mix of classic Japanese instrumentation and hip hop music. I like it, oddly so does the kid. Hey if it can span that kind of generation gap it must be good right? All in all I say they did a great job with this one, if you are a fan of scores and liked the movie (yeah, it's an odd movie, we are an odd family) I'd totally recommend it.

Ooo and I bought a second cd too! This one was a stretch, we had no intentions of buying this one. We had to go to iTunes and listen to every single tract before we were convinced. We are both old skool Metallica fans from waaay back in the day. The last cd I bought of there's was St Anger, the one they wrote after their therapy sessions that saved the band. It sucked, therapy was the worst thing they could have done for their music. Could not stand that cd, it was the worstest. So when the dh heard the latest song on the radio and was all happy about it I blew him off. I was an unbeliever. I had to listen to every little snippit in iTunes before I got on board with buying it. Plus it goes for like $20 retail. Well it's on sale at Best Buy online, not in the store people. Like $11.99. OK I was game, so I got it. For the dh of course. I could have gotten it on iTunes for about the same price but he doesn't have an iPhone/iPod and he's the one that wanted the cd so I was being nice. I do that sometimes. Be nice. Shhh don't tell anyone, I try not to let that get out.

Thing to note, both these cd's, cheaper to buy them on line at Best Buy and pick them up in the store. I don't know why, you can't buy them in the store for the same price, it's stupid and retarded, makes no sense whatsoever.


Train Wreck said...

Oh yeah Metallica! My husband and I are fans too! Nothing like cranking it up as I clean the house! LOVE it, I will have to check it out, thanks! OH!! Christmas present! Awesome I will get it for HUBBY!! Thanks!

MichelleSG said...

Well at least you use it to clean house. I usually listen to Metallica while driving, I got 2 speeding tickets as a teen. I'm not allowed to listen to Metallica while driving any more:(. I am proud to say I have not gotten a speeding ticket since!