Saturday, October 4, 2008

People are stupid

And I have less and less patience with them as I get older. Not that I can do any thing about it. Other than bitch about it on my blog. So I am going to bitch about it on my blog. Here's the news article:

All lanes of Interstate 35 in Buda are back open after a deadly accident last night.
At about 7 p.m. two vehicles collided – killing one driver and injuring his three passengers.
Daniel Guerrero, 41, of Kyle died at the scene.
His 11-year-old passenger (son) has a broken arm.
The other passengers were taken to an area hospital with other injuries.
DPS officials said Luis Mendoza-Baldelamar of Alba, Texas was weaving in and out of the northbound lanes of I-35, when he struck the Jeep Comanche, driven by Guerrero.
Mendoza-Baldelamar was arrested at the scene.

So one stupid person and his piss poor driving/judgement killed a dad, broke the kid's arm, wounded passengers and probably jacked a helluva lot of other people's evenings (including ours) because he wanted to weave in and out of traffic on a Friday night during rush hour. I'm sorry, raving fuck head what? I don't know what they are going to do to Mr. Mendoz-Baldelamar but bets have it, it won't be sufficient. He probably won't even be sent to anything as harsh as the dh's prison, whatcha wanna bet? All that hell and mayhem that useless excuse for a human being caused and he probably will only get a slap on the hand. Our justice system is messed up like that, loop holes bigger than the air space in president Bush's skull.

Intelligent people like my husband spend years in college and end up in a crap underpaid job in a max security prison and pieces of crap that kill people and ruin the other's lives on their Friday night joy rides get off relatively free. I would really love to be able to see what eventually happens to that man. I can't of course, it'll take to damn long. The system will drag on forever, he'll go into some holding pattern for a bit, get let out on bail, come up for trial in a few years, everything will gloss over, then get let off on some sort of probation some time in 2015 when they system gets around to him. Bitter much? Yeah I am.

We drove the hour + up to Austin (Kyle/Buda is essentially the south end of Austin) and reached it at about 7:30 when traffic came to an immediate halt. Just a total screetching halt. It's a 3 lane freeway at that point and there was no getting over (we were in the fast lane). No one was getting off, not even the people in the slow lane. We then sat there for over an hour. All of us. Friday night on the freeway. There was no firetruck that came by, no ambulance, no life flight, there were a few police though. I'm guessing (since we were in the north bound lanes) that all the real emergency vehicles came from the other direction (Austin), lord knows there isn't jack didly south of Austin until you hit San Antonio and that's an hour south. So we didn't even get the entertainment of watching the emergency vehicles drive by. Eventually they got us routed off of the freeway onto the access road but by then it was 9:30

Interesting note here, the news says that the accident happened at 7:40pm, the dh said that because of the way traffic came to a halt and where we were located he thought we just missed being in front of the accident. You know what that means to paranoid little me? To me that means we just missed being part of that accident. Yeesh driving in Texas is like a full contact sport. Now think about that though, we left the house at 6:30 to be in Austin by 8, got to the accident scene at 7:30, got shuffled off the freeway at 9:30, turned around and made it home by, oh around 10:30. The dh was way tired and not driving so great by that time. And damn we were dissapointed that we didn't get to see the show. All that driving and nothing to show for it but to be witness to some moron and his mass destruction to some poor man's life and his kid's broken arm.

There are some really fucking stupid people in this world wasting the oxygen that we breathe. Too bad the elections aren't addressing something more important like that. Or that poor 90 yr old lady that felt so desperate that she shot herself. What is this world coming to people? Really now, where are our priorities? It's headlines like this one that make me ask why do you news people think we care about that shit? That is so stupid, get with it people.

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