Monday, October 13, 2008

The desk debate....

So there was this bet that 2 friends had...something about who had the messiest desk at work. One had an honest to goodness desk job (payroll at a school district in the 8th largest city in the US) and had been at it for years, she should be high up in the ranking, no? Sure ok but the other friend, weeell she hasn't left her desk in months. Nor has she been given any drawers to put her stuff away in. Oh and she was moved out of one room. And is to be moved into another room at some unspecified point in time in the very near future so there's no motivation to actually clean up the stuff or any place to put it away to. Good thing the desk has wheels huh? Combine that with the fact that said friend has not been given any work to do. At all (yes they pay me good money to sit here and do NOTHING). The motivation to actually clean the desk and get nothing done has been somewhere between slim and far closer to umm, none. Usually the need to have a clean work space borders on obsessive compulsive. When there is no production, nothing gets done because there's nothing to get done. Sad but true. So the competition begins. I eagerly await the pictures of the payroll friends desk, I'll link it up when she gets the pics.
BTW if you're wondering what is on the floor there it's a plastic carton to carry glass soda bottles, I use it to put my feet up on because I can't figure out how to adjust the height of my chair. What you don't see are the other boxes piled around the desk waiting to go to my new space too, they spread out for a 5 foot radius around me. And the brown box next to the monitor and the Special K bars? It's from Aldrich Chemicals, yup chemicals I haven't put away yet. On my desk, next to my food. Yeah I am a cool chemist like that, breaking the law. OSHA would have rainbow kittens. Oh stop, it's just estradiol, they're still in the package and I've probably got more in my system that I do in the damn box. Once they finally build me my own lab I can put them away proper and have my own place here. I'm like a migrant non worker in the meantime. You know those guys that sit on the corner that wait for the pick up to drive by? That's me only I'm getting paid to sit on the corner. Oh and I have internet service so I can bother you guys.
Also this desk is actually located inside of the lab, specifically in the hallway. 4 feet directly behind this desk are 3 monster upright freezers so the a/c is cranked up and working overtime to compensate for the heat the condensers create. As I sit and type the plethora of snippy posts it's about 62-65 degrees at any given moment. Then people open the things and look into them like a gaggle of teens coming home pondering what they're going to eat, tanking the temp down to like 2 degrees with a draft. Now you know where they oddness comes from. Persistantly ass biting cold in this place I swear, I have 2 jackets when it's 90 degrees outside.

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