Sunday, October 5, 2008

On a lighter note, a movie review!

Yup, we figured we'd do something easy yesterday and picked something we couldn't go wrong with. Well sometimes the dh had been know to pick the occasional obscure movie that was complete and utter trash. One time he picked 3 in a row and he was banned from choosing a movie for a good year. I can't even remember all 3 of the movies, one was Ultraviolet and the guy walking out behind us after it was over was bitching about how he wanted those 2 hours of his life back. That was by far the most entertaining part of the movie. Oh it was so baaad.

But yesterday we decided on Appalosa, an Ed Harris flick. Can't go wrong with that one. At the very worst it might end on a sad note, like Unforgiven and all the other sad westerns. Of course westerns and country music are classically sad aren't they? Woefully going on about lost loves and the like? The movies always has either the hero or heroine dying at the end. Or both. Or both and all of their babies. Makes you just want to go out and marry a cowboy now doesn't it? Sorry, I digress. The movie, it was really good. And it was only a little sad. The good guys don't die (no, that's not much of a spoiler) and the heroine doesn't die but you don't really like her all that much either which is an interesting twist. Go Ed, he must have a few evil ex's or some other latent bitter feelings towards the female gender. Can't imagine why. A friend of mine always swears that 'Women are evil and Men are stupid'. OK Dan, if you say so. Stupid.

For those of you that love horses there are some cute ones in there, a very nice appy, at least I think it's an appy, paints are appys aren't they? I'm not up on my horse stuff, hell they change color names for dogs between breeds. Red for one is honey for another and lemon for the next, how stupid is that? Of course dog show people are freaks if you haven't noticed and those color names only make a difference to them. Anyway all the men in the movie look a little rough around the edges, which gives the movie a very realistic feel. They didn't sugar coat it and make it pretty, they made it a dusty real time western movie and that's what we really liked about it. Oh and it was funny! The language was not too harsh. I've seen some westerns where the language had so much swearing in it you lost the movie and I don't mind swearing at all so if it bothers me it's got to be a lot of swearing. Appalosa is a good move, if you've got the time go see it, it's worth the 2 hours. Plus it's got Viggo, all the ladies love Viggo right?


Paige said...

I am not a huge Western fan, but this one looks decent.

Paints and Apps are two different things---both stock horses, but different patterns and different registries.

If a person hulahooped, would she stop being a fat ass? Maybe I should look into it.

MichelleSG said...

Ah yes, see I thought I got the color thing wrong. Good thin I don't hang around horsey people irl, then I might feel dumber than I do on a normal basis huh? Yes, the whole point of hooping is to lose the fat ass...try it you'll like it....