Monday, October 13, 2008

We did accomplish all we set out to do this weekend

Amazingly enough. That's the second weekend in a row. Of course we set our sights low which is a good thing since we are not the most productive of family in the world. This weekend it was the hoops and the decorations, exterior only. I'm not doing the inside. I'll be happy to clean the inside of the house. Someday. Hey, I folded no less than 5 loads of laundry yesterday. The dh washed both cars too, sadly it's raining today and will be raining all week too but that's ok, the roses need it. We wanted to get the dogs washed and that didn't happen, oh well. They don't mind I'm sure and we can still wash them yet. The Halloween decorations did go up, I didn't put up that disposable cotton webbing crap like I did last year, I hate taking it down. That stuff is a mess! A note on that blow up thing of 3 ghosts in a cauldron, we bought it last year at Walmart. The dh and I specifically wanted that one, we saw it on display at the store we first went to but they didn't have it in stock, they had a bazilion other Halloween blow ups in stock but not that one. Fine, so we went on the hunt to other Walmarts to find it. We took half a day to all the Walmarts in the vicinity to find that specific blow up thing, 5 Walmarts later we found it. Yup, fixate much? Not long after we found out that a neighbor friend of ours had their blow up pumpkin stolen out of their front yard. If there's any threat of anything getting swiped in our neighborhood again I may have to tie Jaynie up to the blowup and see if that deters the stupid people. He'd fix their little red wagon but good.


Anonymous said...

Cute blow up! I hate it when places run out of a specific item you want. It's so aggrevating!

Susie said...

The more of your stuff I read, the more similar I realize we are. (Don't worry, I'm not some SWF crazoid.) (But if I were, I would probably say that, huh.) (But I'm not, for real.) Anyway, I am never as productive as I should be, I am not so hot in the house cleaning department, I also did 5 loads of laundry this weekend, and if I find a specific something that I must have, I will go to great lengths to get it. (Though I'm also lazy so usually that involves going to great cyber-lengths. Like buying things on ebay from people in other countries.)