Sunday, October 12, 2008

First hoop ever made

And wouldn't you know it I made a difficult one to boot. This little gem was made using white gaffers tape and ribbon. Yeah, ribbon. I was on a hoop website, and noticed that their Philthy hoops were made using ribbon and since I am a quilter/scrapbooker/crafting person dang it all if I didn't have a boatload of that stiff hanging about. The ribbon I used for this hoop was left over from a diaper cake I made back in May, not that you could probably find the location of that particular ribbon in that monster massive 4 foot diaper cake. The point is that yeah, I got ribbon why not use it? Made the wrapping process a wee bit more complex for a first time hoop maker but yeah, it worked. Made a really cool looking hoop too. BTW, in the instructions for making a hoop they use a blow dryer to soften the tubing and put the connector on the ends, if you have a heat gun this goes faster (be careful with this thing, it gets HOT). This one is a smaller hoop, just a bit bigger than the Kid-O that the dd uses but it still works well for an adult, probably a 38"-40" hoop. I'll probably keep it just to see how well the ribbon thing holds up and if the taping can withstand a kid's abuse. I also put together (but did not tape up) a 42" hoop to take to a co-worker on Monday. She's the one that finally made me go ahead and start the hoop making venture. She wants to start hooping but didn't want to buy one on line, I knew I could make one no problem but when you buy all the irrigation line it comes in 100' lengths, enough for ~8 hoops. I don't need that many hoops for the kid and I. I mean we could probably justify that gluttony because when you go to a park and bring a bunch of hoops people will join in but the dh would still tell us we're nuts. He does this daily of course but we try to limit it, one must pick their battles.

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