Sunday, October 19, 2008

Movie review time!

Today the kid decided she wanted to go with her gf to a church thing so the dh and I took the uncharacteristic free time to go watch some gratuitous sex and violence on the big screen. Well mostly violence, I don't think there was any sex, just sexy mostly undressed women and drugs. Not for real drugs, manufactured not for real drugs.

The dh chose the movie and he picked Max Payne. He is a big fan of Max Payne the computer game. Unlike most men who like on line gaming with other people he prefers the ones that he can play and not have to deal with other people that get irritated with you flitting on and off or being on at certain times of the day. No he just wants to go and play at will when ever he feels like it. I don't play video or computer games at all, sadly I get vertigo. Really, it's amazing I can even drive a car. I am sometimes able to look over his shoulder and see what the games look like but not for long, the screen movement makes me ill. The kid isn't allowed to watch at all, Max Payne is much to violent a game.

The movie? Did not disappoint. Very violent, pretty pictures. Oh and the imagery, perfect, loved the hallucinations. Even the plot line was good and up with the times. Mark Wahlberg now that one I never thought would make a good actor. Boy did he prove me wrong. I have consistently been impressed with his acting capabilities and accomplishments. Yeah I know it's a loooong way from Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch huh? Don't even start, I didn't pick the movie I'm just saying he's come a long way baby. He's good enough in this movie to go see though, if you're into that type of movie that is. Good movie, great entertainment, go see it if you have a free afternoon with out an underage kid!

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