Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hey I got a troll commenting!

I must be getting popular. Or something. Oh shush and let me feel popular, it's good for my imaginary ego. Really now if that person thought my last post was negative they obviously have not read a damn thing I've written other than that last post. Moron, read more, speak less and maybe you'll sound like you have a brain cell in your head. Ohh did I just criticize a reader?! Maybe I'll scare them away! Oh darn, my bad. And they posted as anonymous, the weenie. Hahahaha damn I can't believe my hubby lets me out in public sometimes. Ya'll do know I've mellowed with age right? I used to be flat out mean, now I'm just considered mildly ornery. People you shouldn't hide from me, if you comment I always go find you and comment back, and I'm never mean, honest yes, mean no. Well unless you want me to be and yeah I take requests.

So BRING IT, I am so ready.


Kimberly said...

wow you are making new friends!! hehe, they must not have anything better to do. shouting out to them that line 'you cant handle the truth' oh well, we regular stalkers love ya!

gingela5 said...

Trolling?! You ARE popular! I have yet to receive my first negative comment--I'm just waiting for it though! haha...and I'm pretty sure this is YOUR blog so you can say and do whatever you want!

Trailboss said...

I had tons of trolls when I was a small kid. We even had MoonGoons. Ever heard of them?