Friday, October 31, 2008

Natural disasters, your personal preferences

Depending on where you live in the US you're usually going to be near some sort of natural disaster area, even Hawaii is a volcano, everything in the north gets snow and as far as I'm concerned snow is a natural disaster. You've got the earthquakes in Cali, the entire tornado belt (don't people know God doesn't like mobile homes?) and hurricanes in Florida and all over the gulf. Everywhere you're going to deal with floods and/or fires. Really, no matter where you go in the US it's just a pick your poison type deal. You're going to have to suck it up and buy some sort of insurance on your house, or just get all insurance on your house, you might as well. You could be in the middle of the high desert and end up flooding, it does happen.
Yet we don't really expect some things. Take earthquakes. Being from So Cal I don't think anything of them. To me they are like foot massages. San Diego does not lie on a fault line. San Francisco is a fault line, as is the San Fernando Valley. Stay the hell away from these places people, trust me on this one. Yet people still ask me if the earthquakes freak me out. Oh hell no, unless you live on an actual fault line it's just a foot massage. No really it is! But these midwesterners are scared shitless of earthquakes and then they go out and chase tornadoes, WTF? I'm sorry come again? And the foot massages freak you out? Oh pulease.
So I'm flitting on CNN, because I have, for the 3rd time this week, had my work instrument take a header (really expensive high tech instruments do 1 thing very well, break. Often) and I come across this article:

Several earthquakes rattle Texas, Oklahoma

Hehehe, OK does anyone else find humor in this? Because I though it was friggin FUNNY. Not only is it like the tornado capital but it gets earthquakes too. KICK ASS! DOUBLE YOUR MONEY!
Yeah ok so I have a sick sense of humor and find a lot of it in other people's poor choices in living areas. Like New Orleans, hello, below sea level, get a life stupids! No pity for you. Yeah I know, I'm such a bleeding heart, not. That's why I chose the cities to live in that I have. Forthought people forthought!


Lump said...

what?? I didn't feel any earthquake. :(

MichelleSG said...

They were rreeaallyy itty bitty ones, 2.5 in Texas and 3.1 Oklahoma. I'm not sure someone from Cali would even think it was an earthquake. If only 25 local people called 911 then you know most didn't notice the little things.