Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hoop thief, and other tales of motherhood

Yup, that's my hoop you see, and notice I am not in it. I got the child her own hoop, a lovely pink sparkly, glow in the dark Kid-O from Hoopnotica but no, that wasn't good enough. Nope, she wanted mine, the travel hoop. I'm not sure why, it's bigger (not her size at all), heavier, and, quite frankly, clunky compared to a regular hoop since it comes apart. Who knows, kids are like that. You sit down to eat and they are worse than dogs, they will steal the food right out of your mouth and it doesn't matter if you have made them their own plate of the same food they want yours.

Apparently same goes for a hoop, they want yours and it doesn't matter if yours isn't as pretty and doesn't fit. Whatever. I used hers for a bit and it works. A bit small for my hips but I made do. Plus the other people there always bring spares so I tried others out too. I'm going to break down eventually and buy a buncha irrigation tubing and tape and probably make a few of my own some day. If I buy one made by one of the other ladies they run about $45 a hoop so I might as well make my own right? I suffer from these issues, I get crafty because I figure I should make my own *insert name of what ever here*, be it cards, scrapbook, Ren Faire costume, quilt, hair falls (love those, so much fun to make), jewelry (I should take a pic of the bracelet I took a thousand hours to make, you guys will love it). It's something I'm terrible about, I will get crafty about just about anything rather then pay someone else to make it. Unless it requires some expensive piece of machinery, I will buy it from someone else then. Like the mama pads, I won't buy the press that puts the snaps in, not worth it.

Back to the Austin hooping trip, fun one this time, no stupid drivers or traffic, the kid had fun, there was an after hooping trip to Freddie's for food again (no entertainer this time, too late in the day) but the dogs were all there so the kid was still content. Oh and I didn't get pics but a few husbands came along (not mine, he was at work) and they were super hooping too, even on stilts...I know, no pics but I was hooping while they were. Maybe next time.

Oh and even more importantly I finally mastered the art of hip hooping! Hooping on the hips, not the waist, not so easy. Now this is a basic that has been eluding me for some time now and I have no idea why. Actually I have no idea why I can do it now. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention and that's all I needed to do. It was explained in detail on the instructional video but if you've ever seen the Hoopnotica girls, they are soooo skinny! They show their belly/hip region and point out where you should be pushing the hoop with your hips. But I can't tell because they have boy hips! Like 10 yr old boy hips. How in the world am I supposed to find the corresponding body parts on me?!?! Yeah, um, ah, no. I just could not find those parts. Rewind, play, try...hoop falls to floor. Repeat. And again. This was for like a month. Or two. Maybe 3, or 4. Skipped for a few months because it was kinda depressing, not like a complicated move or something, it was hip hooping for crying out loud. Now that I have it I am going to chalk it up to the fact that I was trying to figure it out using a skinny chick as an example and all the women I hooped with today are normal sized. Lord forbid...


Trailboss said...

Thank you for your comment this morning. It really helped. I am feeling pretty down today.

martina said...

sorry but I won't agree that Rayna from hoopnotica has boyish me she is so curvy in this region it makes me hot :)))yes, she is super slim but has the hip and bum curves to hug the world and... curves does not mean fat it basically means a nice round shape, it can apply to to slim or full figured women alike

R.A.Eng-what? said...
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R.A.Eng-what? said...

I've been wondering if I was just mentally deficient for not being able to get basic waist hooping down for about a week until I read your post (and I too have the Hipnotica DVD). Glad to know that it *might* not be the case after all. :P

Out of curiosity, am I alone in struggling with waist hooping? Everyone else seems to get it besides me.

shimarella said...

Hey another San Antonian hooper! Holla back; maybe we can get together and play!
I actually found hip hooping harder. It took me a while to get waist hooping down and then I kind of flatlined with my learning curve for a bit. I like hip hooping though... it feels good!

Rayna said...

Hi Michelle and friends!
I commend all of you for sticking with it and working on moves that challenge you. Just because other people make it look easy, doesn't mean it is - that goes for waist and hip hooping as well as more complicated moves. There is no rule written anywhere that you should be able to do a move right after you watch it on the DVD or learn it in class - moves can take weeks to master. Some people will learn a move faster than you, and you will learn a move faster that other people - that is just the way it is, because we are all different! Hip hooping can be challenging because you have to get that hip circle just right to balance the hoop there, and it's a totally different movement than waist hooping.
Martina - thank you for having my back girl! Yes, I am thin, but I have curves! My hips are 35-36 inches! But more importantly, size does NOT matter. I educate my students in class about this all the time. Don't believe me? Go check out HoopMamma's BLOG and watch her video here . She's our CEO, she is a mother of 2, and she is NOT a skinny mini - nevertheless, she ROCKS the hoop!
r.a.eng-what? - waist hooping is not always easy either. Here are some tips - make sure your knees are ALWAYS bent, don't ever straighten them. Keep yourself standing tall - new hoopers have a tendency to lean forward. Try moving back and forth in forward stance twice as fast as you usually do - turning up the energy or "spazzing out" as I like to call it can really help your body get the message. Keep your pelvis tucked under and move in your legs. Work with side stance too - one of the waist stances will be easier for you, and getting one of them down will help you get the other one.
Happy Hooping everyone!! ~Rayna

jane said...

Ryana I agree with you.
Michelle, According to your post you would not consider me normal. Thanks that really makes me feel great.

Hip hooping is a hard trick no matter what size you are. I had trouble learning it and i would you say the hips of a boy.

I think maybe it would be worth accepting that you had trouble learning it because it is a hard trick rather than blaming it somebody else's body in a video.

I wouldn't go around making insulting comments about some body who is larger so i don't see why it is ok for you to be mean about somebody who is skinnier. There is no normal and there is no difference.

MichelleSG said...

See now that's the beauty of the internet and having your own blog. You can voice your own opinion! Everyone's view of what they think of as 'normal' or 'average' is different. Go with whatever works for you. If you don't like someone else's opinion feel free to not read it. I would highly recommend not reading the rest of my blog, it is, very highly opinionated. Oh and stay waaay far away from the links I have, they are even worse. FWIW most of the friends I have make fun of me for not being their size and no it doesn't bother me. I don't expect to be other people's idea of normal either and yet I am not emotionally traumatized by their blog posts.