Friday, October 3, 2008

Weekend plans, you have them right?

I'm getting over my cold so I am actually planning on dragging my hubby out for a wild and crazy evening out on the town. No really I am! All the way up to Austin, a city with a night life! We're dropping the kid off to go to the movies with my mom (yeah I know the evil one but she pre planned this one and asked to take her out weeks ago) and then zooming on up to see an acquaintance of ours do a hoop tease at a burlesque show. Don't open that link at work, well unless you want to see a striptease at work with a hula hoop involved. Yeah that's right I'm taking the dh to a burlesque show, shhh don't tell anyone I told you, you know how straight laced we are. HAHAHA ok yeah that's a hoot. I'll give you all an update tomorrow on how well it turns out. BTW that link isn't the actual woman we know, it's just an example of what a hoop tease is since it's not a well known art form. I mean really, burlesque is a recognizable word, hoop tease, not so much.

The rest of the weekend? Not nearly as exciting but that's ok. The dh has his first weekend day off in awhile so we're going to hang out on Saturday together, maybe do something, maybe not who really cares right? Sunday is another hoop day since it's the once a month get together of the Austin hoopers with the Hoonotica teaching and the dd loves going up there and then going to Freddy's afterwards to watch the performing guy and his dogs and juggling act. Yup Austin, twice in one weekend. Gah the driving....
But it's worth it, the hooping is fun and the people are great!

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