Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I have taken over

Apparently one blog wasn't enough. I guess I have the need to blabber too much. Oh that was not a huge surprise to all of you? Good gosh almighty. OK so that wasn't such a big surprise, I'm alright with that. The dh just could not keep up with the blogging would. He found it to move at a pace to fast for him or something like that. He asked me a week or two ago to change the face of his blog, redo the banner or something like that. So I did. But he never posts and so it seemed kind of futile. Poor lonely blog. And well you know I never seem to suffer form a lack of posts here right? Yeah. So. On occasion when I have something to say and it can just as easily go up here or there I might just pop it in over there.

Ya'll do know that the dh and I have known each other for over half our lives right? Technically we met for the first time in the 7th grade. We don't remember it though, he transferred out of our english/social studies class before the end of the year. The only reason I know he was in the class is because I found his report card years later (he didn't do so well in that class, I kicked ass being much more scholastically inclined). We actually really met up when we were 16 so we technically count it as 20 years that we've known each other. We know each other well enough that our moods practically synch up. When we go home at night and want to watch a movie we are usually in the mood of the same thing be it an Emma/Sense and Sensibilty night or Bones episode kind of evening. Creepy but that's where we're at in life.

So when I say that I know which blog posts will go on his just as well as mine it's more like I can run across an article in CNN and either forward it on to him, have him write a blog post on it (which he will probably never get around to) or I can just write it myself and post it. Since it's been so long since he's posted everyone has given up on visiting his blog it's mine now. I am going in incognito, I figure if I do it right most people will never know the difference. Hell if I didn't put this post up the dh would probably not even know I was hijacking his blog, he never visits it either.


Train Wreck said...

LOL! I know how you feel I am thinking of creating another blo! It's all I can do to kep up with the oNE I have now!? And keep up with all my friends, new and newer!! Thanks for coming over!

Train Wreck said...

Sorry I was trying to type fast as I am at work!! I reelly can spel!! LOL!!