Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where oh where do they come from?

I ask myself these things sometimes. Because I'm just so freakin nosey. It's a girl thing I suppose, guys probably don't care. It's why I put the Live Traffic Feed in. In the beginning it was just a counter at the bottom of the page and I was ok with that. The dh put one on his blog too and it was a funny competition. Funny only because my numbers went up and his didn't. His didn't because he never blogged, the boob. Go check out his blog, the last post was a guest post, written by his wife. You want to know whats really funny about that fact? He is the super writing genius of the family. We have these damn tablets of paper all over the friggin household with not a single line of free space on them. They are all filled up by his illegible script. He's a lefty, I'd scan in some of his writing but I can't read it and I'm afraid of what I might be scanning in might say something horribly incriminating and maybe someone on the web might recognize some of it. I know, doubtful but you never know. He loves writing and does it just for the joy of putting down his thoughts. He doesn't even have people read it. The blog thing? Obviously did not do it for him. I don't know why, there are other guys that do it, blogging daddies are quite plentiful. Who knows, regardless, the count competition lost it's entertainment factor when he did not post enough to be a worthy foe.

The Live Feed Traffic? That has proven to be a bit more entertaining since it shows a bit on how random people get here. What I've found is that random people don't get here. People come to my blog on purpose. Alright I have friends in some odd places, I've got Summer who pops in once in a blue moon from India, an old co-worker who is in Perth Australia so that accounts for the out of country people. I was introduced to another blogger who had brain cancer whose blog I have commented on (nice guy) and one of his readers in Kuala Lumpur popped over here and I figured that out using Live Feed Traffic, cool trick. Apparently he did a lot of traveling and volunteer work prior to being diagnosed so the location of his friends was not an odd one for him, just me. I also have the occasional scrapping person pop back in to my back logs looking for my previous work, back when I was productive. Lord forbid.

So here's the thing, where did you come from? I have my friends. Some from San Diego. Sadly not many from that old life, the ones that I thought I would not lose touch with I rarely hear from. Others, like Anna, who I had never even been close with prior to moving, I've come to know very well. Odd how the internet works like that. We talk every day. On line. I have 2 people in San Antonio that read my blog and one of them is the dh, the other is Kim, hi Kim! Now here's the other funny thing, most of the other people that come here are regulars. Now you who comment, I love ya'll you're my crew, my uber regulars. But there are a bunch of lurkers out there who I don't know why they are here. My crew, yeah I know where they came from. Trailboss followed me over from P Dub many moons ago when I commented in her comments section. Did anyone else actually come over from me commenting on P Dub's website or did the rest of you horse people come over from me commenting on some other horse blog? Because if y'all haven't noticed in my insane boredom box at work that's what I've been doing. Living vicariously outside through outdoor blogs. Most specifically horse ones. The occasional Milkman's Wife because I just cannot believe one woman can raise that many boys, poor lady. Did you see that frog that lived through a full laundry load in her house? Yeah I don't think I could do that, I think I'd have noticed that in my laundry room. It's small and well, inside my house not a basement. Plus my front loader would have killed it I'm sure. That and the dogs would have gone ape shit in front of the door, some how they always know what goes on in that room, it's also where I store their dog food.

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Kimberly said...

Hi!!! thanks for the shout out :)
yep I am nosey and I stalk you ha!