Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The beast has a name...

So my neurologist's nurse finally was responsive (amazing I know) when I called today to give an update. Those pain meds really didn't do much. The nurse said that the headache has probably moved on to migraine stage and so I picked up a bunch of migraine med samples at her office today and we'll see how that geos. Right now I've started on Relpax and I have a few other brands to try too. I looked up the cost of these meds on my health plan and damn are these meds expensive! Of course you really don't have much choice though now do ya? I'm hoping it's not a life long thing because damn this will be an expensive drug habit even with the new and improved health insurance I started with my new job. But hey, after brain surgery what's the rest of one's life on meds? we all have our crosses to bear I suppose.

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Aweesan said...

Hey, have you tried accupuncture and/or massage therapy? I can say that my headaches have pretty much ceased-- with one or two coming out of the woodwork thanks to hormones (they come with many names... not just chemical).

In fact, I have a headache right now-- feeling really tired, so I'm contemplating making an appt for accupuncture later tonight! Probably two of the few things that can really relax me. That says a lot. :)