Friday, July 11, 2008

You poor dears

I'm sorry, I usually give you all fair warning when I put up a TMI post and that last one was probably a doozie. Well FWIW if you're on my blog now the next post down is a big tmi post. Sorry, it was the pain talking. There was a lot of pain and it was doing a lot of talking. As of the next morning it's much better, no pain at all. Really, no I'm serious. As long as I don't throw up from the antibiotics they gave me (just in case, not that they think I need them but just in case they do it any way) I figure I'm golden for a good 5 years. Or until we decide to have another kid. Yeah right like that's gonna happen. Pfft.


m0to said...

your tagline at the top of the page just made me blow soda out my nose. Thanks


Trailboss said...

Hey, I like TMI stories!