Monday, July 21, 2008

Feeling like I'm running behind today

I must not have remembered something today. I probably won't remember it until I go to bed tonight, or maybe not at all. Who knows. Anyway. Still sitting at work, torturing my boss with more stuff that needs to be purchased in preparation for when my instrument is up and running and they teach me how to use this brand. I had forgotten just how much prep work is needed for the running of one of these behemoths. This is 'complex' science and to get the sample ready to go onto the instrument the amount of work up can be considerable. Plus toxic so I have to get the darn chemical hood set up which requires some alteration of the building. And I'm on the bottom floor. Of course. So they go up on the roof, find where there's no intake fan, figure out where they can put a blower fan and figure out what is under that. A reception area, perfect! So 1/3 of a new reception area is now being walled off and becoming a hood room for me and only me. Ah, me, a woman of mass destruction, literally. That's was mass spectrometry is you know. We take an object and break it down into it's mass components. No, really, I'm serious, they pay me good money for this. Right then the hood. I have ordered the blower as of today. $15,000 and that's just on the hood end. That doesn't include the construction work of the walls, the venting and the blower on the roof. Or the hood itself and the cabinetry. I told you I'm expensive. I haven't told anyone at work about my blog, I'm afraid they'd be bitter about how much money that I cost because I'd be if I were them. The doctors knew this going in though and I fully plan on making this worth their while. I want to publish here, I'm going all the way with this one and while I'm at it I'm getting another instrument too. Oh and pimping this instrument out to every doctor I meet. I mentioned it to my neurologist and ob/gyn. I think they'll both be able to send patients over...all kindsa potential.

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