Sunday, July 13, 2008


Or maybe just an olive tone. So what was once thought of as a hippie thing is now become fashionable. It was bound to happen, the price of gas was destined to go through the roof. I was raised in a peace lovin', pot smokin', hippie town (Ocean Beach, CA) and it was a totally inappropriate place to raise a kid but if you knew my parents the fact that they raised a kid there would not surprise you at all. I remember being less than 5 years of age and harvesting veggies in their co-op garden and stocking shelves in their co-op grocery store. Oh and don't even get me started on that whole carob is the next chocolate and it's better for you crap they tried to pull on me. Was not and never will be, that stuff is nasty.

Anyway we are back at it again but the rich and famous are now on the band wagon so there is now more available mainstream (ie at Costco) which is nice. So it prompted me to take a look at what we have in our home that is green. OK so let's take a look:
Everything is new and energystar, everything, house insulation, fridge, stove, water heater, a/c, water dispenser, dish washer, deep freezer, washer and dryer. The washer is even a German made front loader.
The washing detergent is HE and ecofriendly. Why? Because they sell it in bulk at Costco and the other brand there is Tide and Tide has phosphates and the phosphates aren't good for the environment. OK how many other of you readers knew that fact? Answer that, I want to know if you know!
The light bulbs in the huose are all being switched to the energy efficient ones as they blow out (waste not want not). Why? Because they sell them in bulk at Costco.
I think we have a theme going here...
I do put out a bit more effort than just shopping at Costco though. I recycle. I put a concerted effort into recycling actually. And I have a compost bin. I'd compost more if the hubby didn't complain about the grossness of it. It's not bad but when you open the top to throw stuff in it is rotted compost, not pretty to anyone but a gardener that can appreciate compost. Plus we rarely use it. It requires us (read the dh) digging holes for all of my potted plants, yes I have many, and that just doesn't happen that often. The ground here is 2" of sod and then solid rock until the earth's core. Not so fun.
And my favorite stamps, they are Unity Stamps and they use a system that conserves wood, yeah that's right, they conserve wood. Check it out.
Oh wait and there's one more little thing, I don't use disposable pads and tampons anymore. That's another thing I don't put into our landfills. But that ones just as as self serving as not. Disposable pads suck, I think I already covered that one didn't I?


m0to said...

So, do you just wear a big diaper? Wait, I don't want to know. La la la la la, I can't hear you!

MichelleSG said...

Oh you are such a boy Jas...