Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It just ain't right

Having to share and all. At some point I put up pics of my little guy Corbin's bed and one or two of the boxer dog's trying to squeeze their big butts into his bed. It works but it isn't pretty. I have since gotten pics of the relative size and what it looks like when they have to share. Like when Roxy gets in first and Corbie has to make do and get in on top of her. She'll eventually get out and get up on the couch or go to her own bed (we do not suffer from a lack of sleeping spaces in our room, oh please, not in this house, no). But why oh why do they all insist on trying his bed, oh tell me why? For reference realize that Jaynie the big boy is 65lbs (brindle in the bottom pic), Roxie is 55 lbs and Corbie is 22lbs (both in top pic). Jaynie's shoulders stand above my hips and I am 5'1", Roxie's shoulders are about 3" below his and Corbie's legs are maybie 3" long and he's built like an anvil.

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Kimberly said...

they look so cute trying to sleep in that little bed!