Monday, July 21, 2008

When my dd was in All Saints Preschool

in San Diego she had this class mate. A total demon redhead named Paris. An honest to goodness demon. One of those children you look at and think "Damn I'm glad that's not my child, have fun with that one lady!". So I'm watching TLC and they're doing a show called Must Love Kids where they have these single moms that are being set up on dates with men that must love kids. And in this case let me tell ya, these guys are really going to have to love kids. Because there she is, Paris the demon and her sweet mom Tracy. OMG, Paris has this hellion look that she gives that makes my skin crawl and that's saying something. Not much scares me, in fact I'm not sure I can come up with something that scares me. I'll have to ask the dh about that one. Honey when you read this put something that scares me in the comment section, there has to be something, not related to housework or the dog that eats poo. Anyway so I'm watching Jon & Kate plus 8 because I love that show. I figure if they can survive parenthood anyone can. Really, they can go on a vacation and get on an 8 hour flight (that took 14 hours) with 8 kids that gets redirected to friggin Idaho and survive. I think I'd just throw myself off the plane. Kids are on the aisle screaming, Kate is bawling, it's terrible and yeah, I've got one kid and I don't like getting on a 3 hour plane trip with her. OK back to this other show that I'm so recording to watch. I have to see what Paris is going to do to further ruin her mother's life. You reap what you sow. I mean the kid could not have gotten this bad all on her own could she have? Really this child is a monster I swear! It's going to be a train wreak and I want to record it! Is that horrid of me? Yes? OK, just making sure living this close to the bible belt hasn't softened me up. It's on tomorrow night, be there or be square! If not then I'll be sure to give you all an update when I get around to watching it...

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Pony Girl said...

Isn't that funny, it's a small world. Especially when it comes to reality tv shows! Unfortunately, I do not get the expanded cable so I don't get TLC. Keep us posted!

I have seen John and Kate Plus 8 once while housesitting, that is pretty amazing what they do. I do not think I have the strength!