Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nothing to do today

No really, I mean nothing. My instrument at work is being worked on when the engineer gets here so maybe someday I'll have work to do. Please, start your prayers now your your god of choice that the thing works. I have been working since the end of May and have not had an instrument to work with since then. The internet is only so interesting people and blogs are only updated only so often and for me that's not often enough. Idle hands people idle hands! So I have lots of time and nothing to do, the people here think I'm nuts. I tell them I am so they leave me be. It's nice and it pays well but I'm bored people BORED!! And for those of you that know me you know that can only mean trouble brewing. What trouble lord only knows but it's coming so lets all hope the installation engineer gets here soon and has good luck or else the end of the world may come about at my hands. It can happen.

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