Sunday, July 6, 2008

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I received an email (thanks Debs) pointing me towards the Snops website (the one that debunks things) where they go over these lives of the 56 men line by line. BTW, those men are referred to as The Framers, something my dh taught me, he's smart like that. She said that it's probably why I didn't learn about the lives of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence in high school. Of course much of what they taught me in high school was all lies anyway. Who's brilliant idea is it that all teens should be taught abstinence in high school rather than sex ed? Like anyone in hs was practicing abstinence, pleease. Here's the about what happened to the 56 men link.
And while I was writing Debs back as to why I didn't really feel the need to take the debunking all that seriously I figured it was much more of a blog post than it was a response to an email so here, for you entertainment:
I have seen that Snops version of The Framers lives but considered it not so very far from the summation I posted. It basically tells me that everyone suffered during the war because it was, well, war. Any one who couldn't figure that one out is way too far up in their ivory tower. I do find that your average American (Ooo I just made a huge generalization! I love doing that, it's so not pc and it razzes people for no good reason) doesn't understand the real trials and tribulations that most other countries go through. They understand the concept of poverty but not the reality of living in a third world country. I have many friends complain about how horrible the government is here, how the system is terrible, etc. They have never lived anywhere else, some have never left US soil. And no, vacations to Cancun don't count. Don't get me started with those people who try and do a line by line comparison with our system and the way they run things in Europe. It's like comparing apples to oranges, they don't face the same problems we face. It's a different country that has a just a few more years under it's belt. Just a few. And every time our government tries to inflict our way of life on to a different country it bothers me to no end. I mean really, why did we create this country? Freedom? And what do we do with our freedom? Inflict our dominance on others? Nice, real nice.
We are spoiled here and take all we have for granted, sometimes we need to be reminded that it's not free, it came/comes with a price. Not saying I'm pro war here, I support our troops but I don't want them over there either. Hell, most of the military I know don't believe in this present war either so I don't feel like I'm betraying them in my beliefs.
Now remember, in polite company one does not discuss politics or religion. I was very conservative in my post, I didn't mention any political names or platforms at all. Do not get me started on religion, it'll get real ugly here. I don't pull punches on religion.

PS, Trailboss you have my permission to inflict any of my internet postings on you readers, I don't mind at all. If I did I should probably not be putting it up on the internet any way. Plus the info I got was straight off the internet anyway, I referenced it so you can just blame it on that website!

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