Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So it wasn't too terrible

The Stampin Up party with the kid last night that is.
I do wish I had a camera though.
There were 3 projects to do and I helped the dd do 2 of them. One had a piece of candy stuck to the middle of it so of course we started with that one. She did very very well and when I went on to do the last project by myself, it had a little cut out and a thingy that was too complicated and not interesting enough for her I deemed this so, she did not, more on that later, she sat and worked on her own project. She had her own scissors and stamps she brought and pens but she wanted to use some stamp pads there and she she asked our host politely and was helped accordingly. Our host thought she was delightful (as she should, dd knows if she isn't deemed delightful she is not brought back, mean mommy is like that) and gave her full access to the stamp pads. Even though at some point dd thought she'd paint the clouds of the sky using her finger as a stamp, ugh. The dd also came up with this nifty little thing that she wanted to make a slip through where she cut 2 slits and threaded a slip a piece of paper through it with a sun and a moon drawn on it. Of course I was sitting at another table while this was happening and a lady was sitting next to me and pointed out to me that my dd was using scissors and pointing them down at her palm and, quite frankly, freaking the woman out. I wasn't even bothering to look up just going "yeah yeah it's ok" to the poor lady. Apparently this group was a group of home schoolers too so you know this was a group of the uber overly protective kind of moms, I'm more from the school of Darwinism. Mind you the dd is left handed and very small featured. She's tall but looks even younger than she is. (this is where I wish I had a camera for a picture for you all) The combo makes her look uncoordinated and dangerous with scissors. She's been using them since she was 2 and always uses the insanely dangerously sharp kind that children are never given access to, they are the only ones we own. Hey, you get in more trouble with the dull ones, those are the ones that slip. Her grandmother and mother are quilters, her mother is a scrapbooker and her father is a knife buff, if it can't kill or sever in the first swipe we throw it away or sharpen it. Child gets killing implements at age 2 and learns coordination early. Yeah Darwinism see, it works. Nuff said.

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