Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!!

You know I was raised (at least for the first few years of my life) as a military brat (who fortunately didn't have to move out of San Diego, hence my dad's leaving the military early on. For me. Thanks dad.) and even back then the 4th of July was never a big holiday for me or the neighborhood I loved in. When I moved to the east coast I noticed it was the same. A holiday where we got the day off from school or work and bbq'd and drank but that was about it. Now that we live in an area that is much more family oriented than either of the busy coast lines that I used to live in I've noticed that people take this holiday a bit more seriously. Not hugely like say Christmas or that insanity, but they definitely plan, celebrate, and/or travel on this day. Did I mention that one of the main reasons we love living here in Texas is that it is all about family out here? The dh is lucky we didn't move some place even more rural or he'd be trying his hand at farming or some other asinine thing that we city lovers have no business being a part of.
Oddly enough today I get to spend mostly to myself. The dh is at work and the dd was picked up around noon yesterday by my mother. She opted to spend the night there last night and is out at the pool with my mom today. It's been months (like 8) since my mom has spent any time with her so I'm leaving them to play as long as they'd like. I tried Imitrex for my migraine yesterday (yes, I still have the beast headache) and it didn't work well. It took the edge off but did not keep it at bay. Today I started a different med and it seems to be doing well. The lack of prattling child (I love her I do but damn if that high pitched incessant voice doesn't grate on a migraine) and the cool dark house with softly snoring dogs might be making a good difference too. I'd clean house if it didn't get the blood running and didn't lead to the pounding of my pulse in my ears. No, I'm trying to get this beast kicked out of my head for a bit at least so I'm just being anti social today. Feel free to email or txt me, that's how I'm keeping in touch with every one at the moment.
Have a good 4th, don't drink and drive!

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Trailboss said...

From a woman who has suffered from migraines for 25 years, take the strong stuff. If only to get rid of it now. Then you need to have a mild pain reliever such as darvacet on hand in case you feel it coming on. The key is to knock it down when you get a hint of it. I haven't had one in about 4 years, wow I had not realized it had been that long until just now. Anyway I keep meds on hand and take them when I even feel like one is coming on. Trust me, it helps and you won't be all messed up and stuff. I surely hope it eases up.

Oh, and the Imitrex you mentioned made my stomach upset. I threw up when I used it but that was year ago. Just sayin'