Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am a bad bad girl

So we, like most Americans, are trying to limit spending in this horrid economy, trying to save energy, drive less etc, and I had a moment of weakness. It's kinda like being on a diet and driving by a sale at Starbucks. There are just some opportunities that are not to be passed up. And it wasn't a bad splurge, really! I only spent $25, that's not bad. For me at least. Anyway you know that Unity Stamp obsession I have? No? It's listed on the right side under my links. Any way Angela (the owner), posted last night that it's her husband's birthday this weekend so they are giving a free stamp Shine with every order of at least $4. Yeah, no problem! My favorite stamps of hers are all the individuals anyway so I got a few of those. Yup, I fell off the wagon of budgets. Yesterday the dh told me he fell off a bit too and bought a DVD so at least we have that for him. We actually owned that DVD too so this is the second time we've bought it. It was left at our friend Jas' house so we had to replace it. Really though, how could we go without owning Shaun of the Dead? It's really a scream, if you haven't seen it yet go rent it/put it on your Netflix. It's a must see.
I digress though, this was about me being bad again wasn't it? Oh well, it's been known to happen. And it'll probably happen again, there is that Stampin Up party next week too. If your local and want to join us let me know!

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m0to said...

I don't have your DVD! Really! hehe I have one that Marcus gave me.