Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I got this call this morning...

From a 320 area code. Like I know anyone from a 320 area code. Uh no. Do I answer it. Well duh I'm a girl, hell I'll talk to any one! It's a Minnesooota number and it's Angela the owner from Unity stamps (yeah, it's a stamp link to the right, I've mentioned it about a thousand times before at least). She's real good abooot customer service and I've confused her no less than 3 million times. This was bad enough she felt the need to call me at 8:30 in the morning. Hey at least I had already made it in to work. I had emailed her earlier because I had gotten a confirmation email from them 8 days ago saying that I had been charged for something and I still had not received it. I know Unity and they have mega fast shipping, those girls are on it when it comes to getting us addicts our stuff. Now I have confused Angela so many ways from Tuesday she doesn't know which way is coming or going (I won't bother going into details or you'll be just as confused, trust me on this one, it's a shipping, bubbled free stamp, cc, etc fiasco, no fault of hers). So she called me to make sure she knew what the hell was going on. It took all of 3 seconds to get it straight, my card was charged before, they just needed to send me my stuff, it was all good. But oh my that accent. It's so cute! I remember going to visit my mom when she briefly lived in Wisconsin. We went to this place in the Dells called The Shoe Box. I could have listened to the shoe people for hours their accent was so damn cute doncha know! I really can't tell you why I like accents. It doesn't matter if it's southern (Georgia, Oklahoma, Virginia, whatever) or British, Scottish, what have you but man do I love accents. There are a few discordant like Asian and Russian that don't flow well to me and those don't float my boat but the rest just do it for me.
I had a part of my instrument at work go down and it was made in Scotland. The service engineer was from England. He shows up, I point him in the direction of the broken part and tell him to let me know when he has an idea of how many days he'll be so I can call the other installation engineer when he should book a flight to come back. He says to me, in that lovely King's English accent, that he should be done by early afternoon. He hasn't even looked at the damned thing. Of course I totally believe the man. Why? Well because he sounds like James Bond of course. Duh. He was done by 2pm. I emailed the installation engineer that I had the guy with the British accent in and he seemed confident that all was well in the world and to book his flight out to come on back. And it was so there ya go. An accent can make everything right in the world. Well unless you were one of the Revolutionaries right?

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