Friday, July 25, 2008

The glass is half empty

I am a certified pessimist, it's a proven fact. I also don't trust anyone. Ever. Really. I try to trust my husband, I do. And for the most part I've done really well. We are able to sleep at night with lights off and I don't punch him in my sleep. Really I don't. Now Jason I still punch him in my sleep. I've only slept with Jason on the occasional cross country trek though so he's only been beaten up on occasionally and I'm a small woman so it's no big deal. Poor man, we always try to get 2 beds and end up with one. Gads, the last one was this god awful murphey bed in Vegas (no we weren't there to gamble, we were buying a racing bike for him) that was just terrible. It was so weak that we both ended up in the groove in the middle smooshed into each other and his nose got bashed that time I'm pretty sure. Sadly I never remember beating him up, he does though and I totally believe him.
Regardless Friday the dh had a few things on the schedule that did not work out the way they were supposed to, and let me do a bit of back story so you can understand the importance.
*side note, the dh did not have the day off Friday, he called in to get the day off so it's important to note that he needed to make this day worth taking off and missing.

#1 - The Mustang aka the DH's car: Why? Because I am too short to put the clutch all the way in unless I am eating the steering wheel. I can drive it but it's just not a fun experience. At all. The 2 car garages in TX are not really 2 car garages. Unless you don't need to open the doors on one side of either of the cars and the other side of the car you can only open enough to let out really skinney people. Have you seen the average sized Texan? OK I rest my point. Good thing we're native Southern Californians and skinney minneys. OK so the DH is, I'm just short and small. Anyway you also can't put anything else in the 2 car garage if you want both cars in there so we have 2 cars (his on the right) and nothing else in there. One day he pulls out really too quickly, not paying attention and rips off his passenger side mirror. Does this surprise me? Hell no, not in he very least. I didn't even consider putting the thing back on, why when I know he'd just rip it back off. Hell 3 weeks later he managed to rip off the molding on his side of the garage door with his wheel well (talent!) not paying attention. So what does this all have to do with the point? Well I'll tell you. In TX there's this emissions testing thing you hae to do once a year. They don't remind you to do it you just have to remember to do it. Haahahaha. Yeah sure right, uh huh. You're lucky people remember to brush their teeth in the morning. So on his 168 mile round trip commute the other week he gets pulled over for this expired emissions sticker. He's so flustered by this (now mind you we're from CA, they remind you to send in money for any and everything months ahead of time so something like this would never happen) that he can't even find his proof on insurance. Which was there, I found it myself. So he gets a ticket for an expired emissions sticker and no proof of insurance. He's all kinds of bent now, it's like a $200+ ticket in a BFE town in an hour out with a judge he has to appear before with odd ass hours. Oh and to get his emissions sticker he has to have a functioning side mirror. Well kinda. According to the emissions testing place he called he has to have a side mirror, according to the written website he does not. So I figure that my sticker is expired and find the closest place to my work and have it done during my lunch and talk to the guys there and ask them about it. They say he doesn't need the side mirror. Bonus! We buzz the Mustang down there and have it done. Looovely. so all he needs to do is drive to see the judge on Friday afternoon (she's not there in the am) and have it signed off on and pay the $25 rather than the $200+. Alright, things are looking a bit better. OK, next!

#2 - The dd's dance recital: this is the only summer camp we were able to send the dd to this summer, my dad paid for her to go to a ballet fantasy camp (thanks dad!). She had a lovely time and they had a performance at the end on Friday at 2pm. There was a little performance at the end. It was, of course, smack dab in the middle of the day (2pm) which is typical in San Antonio, so that really, only stay at home parents can make it to these things. I find it very typical of this area and for the most part many families have at least 1 stay at home parent. I am thinking with today's economy going down the tubes as it is though it is going to become more and more rare even here. Anyway this was the original reason for the DH to take the day off, he wanted to see her performance and he knew the dd wanted him there. It was very cute and lasted 30 minutes. He didn't even come close to seeing it. We didn't even hear from him until 7 pm.

Now here is the reason I entitled this post the glass is half full and preempted it with the warnings about me being a distrustful wife. I was married before. My first husband was military, Army to be exact. Nothing like my present lovely DH to be more exact. If you'd like more back story on my wild and crazy (it was sooo not) younger years feel free to say so and ask in the comment section, I'll post stories. If you don't ask for it I won't bore you. Some of my friends that read this already know, others like Alison probably don't know the details. Like my ex husband told me he was was sleeping with his best friend's fiancee when I told him I wanted a divorce. Ah I am so glad I left that man. And ya'll wonder why I'm a paranoid untrusting freak of a woman. Yeah well back to where I was going with my wandering ramblings. So the DH last talked to me at 10:30 am Friday to let me know he was going to take the ASVAB (Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery test) he had scheduled for 12:30 I thought ok that's cool how long could that take right? The plan was take the test, zip over and watch the dd's recital, then drive south and get the ticket taken care of. OK fine sounds good right? I didn't hear from him again until 7pm that night. So I am thinking....yeah his ass signed up for special forces and he shipped off for Afghanistan right? Bad untrusting wife. Really after this many years I should have a little more faith right? No so much. Hey, I'm honest. In public. I've come a loong way.

So what happened? The Army happened. I hate the Army, always have, always will. They are so FUBAR. So SNAFU that I was having first marriage flash backs. So they didn't even get going over to the base to take the test until 2pm. It took him abut 2 hours and then they had all the other crap they had to go through. So yeah after all was said and done it was 7 by the time he was out.

Nothing else got done but that test. He misses the kid's recital, no trip down to get the ticket taken care of. Now he will still get the ticket done eventually but the recital, well it's a good thing it was just a little week long class and not some big huge long thing like the other dance recitals she's done or she'd be very disappointed. As it was she was ok fine since it was just a little thing. I'd kick his ass myself but he felt guilty enough. I had several of his friends call him to make sure that he knew joining the military was a bad bad bad idea and that his wife would be sure to leave him and take the child with her. He understood and had not signed any papers, he's well trained and a smart boy too. Passed the test with flying colors and for those of you who want to know he can choose any MOS he wants but of course his choice would be special forces. Like there'd be any other choice in his book. Them and their stupid boy penises. Haven't I gone over this before? I sense a repetitive theme going on here....

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Trailboss said...

You had me cracking up through most of that post.

To me, the glass is always half full. But to be fair, I have not always felt that way, that's for sure.