Friday, July 18, 2008

Well it's a good thing

I wear scrubs to work. You see that smoosh face up there in my banner? It produces a bunch of scmutz in the crevaces that should be a face that really is just a flat pancake of folds. So as I held my Corbie's thick head in the crook of my arm so that the doc could scrub out the mess that is his ear, the face scmutz was smooshed into the sleeve of my scrubs. And this my friends, is why the medical field wears scrubs to work. This is also the only real field work my scrubs will ever see since I am , realistically, an instrument operator. Thank the gods above I no longer work in the veterinary field.
So the Corbinator is fine. We have to clean his ear up good every day for the next few days and make sure a scabs don't form over and it doesn't abcess. His eardrum looks good. They gave him a shot of penicillin but he didn't need to be on pills. Oh he did not like the thermometer! He squealed for that one. The tech was like "Oh what!" and the doc said "Oh don't worry this breed are Prima Donnas". Dr Williams has only 3 frenchie patients and she's already caught on to that one! He did well though considering he is not feeling his best. On the way out my mom was feeding him the treats they had out front. I told her to stop because I noticed on the way there he was already getting car sick. He's the only dog I've ever owned that gets car sick poor thing, drools like a nut and pukes something awful. So we get about a block from my work and he heaves up all over the place. Big ol chunks of dog treats all over her back seat. Hehehe. Why is it my mother thinks I have not a clue in the world and needs to prove it by torturing my little dog?


Kimberly said...

so glad that Corbs is feeling better :) Your mama is a piece of work, I hope u made her clean up that mess in the backseat!!1

Trailboss said...

Oh girl, I had a dog when I lived in Texas that could not go a mile w/o throwing up. Poor Sally, she was by far the dumbest dog I have ever been around. You literally could not teach her anything. I think it was interbreeding.

Glad your baby is feeling better. Perhaps a garbage bag or 3 for the next trip?