Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dang the world is shrinking

So because of network issues beyond my computer networking skills I can not link my instrument computer to the network at my work. I can not link my work computer directly to my instrument computer. I must now have an external hard drive that I will move between the two so that I can work the data as it needs to be worked on separately from the instrument computer. Yeah, the instrument is picky like that. It's sensitive, all mass specs are female. Sacrifice the right color cat on the keyboard on the full moon and you'll be fine, don't and you tempt the fates of the mass spec goddesses. I go with calico just to cover my ass on colors, it's worked so far. So anyway I had to order an external hard drive and I haven't seen any of these things in awhile. Hell I haven't even ordered a pen drive in 2 years. So I got on Best Buy's web site and looked at the pictures and randomly picked a pretty looking one (beacuse I'm a girl and that's how we pick things) that was 1TB, sounded nice and good sized right? Look at those pics (taken on the iPhone so it's not exactly high quality but these are for dimensions here people). It's adorable! My hands are very small too, very small. It stands 6 1/4" tall 5" deep and 2" wide. It's wee. These things have come a loooong way baby.

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