Tuesday, July 1, 2008

W movie reviews, finally

I was supposed to do a review of the tons of movies we saw when the kid was at her little overnight shindig. Yeah well with the migraine and all I managed to tolerate 2 movies total, 1 was even on the day we had the kid with us (and was by far the best movie I've seen in quite awhile). We saw Wall-E on Saturday, you know, when the kid was supposed to be at the sleepover we missed. Call it her conciliatory prize. The other was Wanted, the Angelina Jolie action flick, saw it on Sunday when the kid was gone. Not a kid movie, not at all. Of course this is San Antonio, where people brought little 5 yr olds to see BDSM movies like 300, so of course there were people that brought littluns to Wanted. And the dh and I feel bad about missing a slumber party for the kid, oh please. These people should be publicly flogged for taking their children to these movies, it's just wrong on so many different levels. Mind you both Wanted and 300 are based on comic books and one would think that implied child friendly at least a little but nooo, think adult comics, like Grimms Fairy Tales were originally written as porn. Yeah, that's the kind of comic book we're talking about here, not Popeye. More like....Spawn. Oh don't tell me you haven't seen Spawn, with John Leguizamo playing the scariest clown (Violator) I've ever seen in my entire life? Oh this was no cross dressing To Wong Foo, oh no no no. This was the things nightmares for adults are made of. Nope, can never look at that man again and not see that scary ass psycho clown. Yeeek yuckers naaasty.
Anyway, back to the point which has nothing to do with The Violator, Wanted was not a children's movie. The dh has read the comic (I have not) and he says it's pretty true to the comic except for some stuff (whole concept of the world stuff) that would have overburdened the movie for the general public which is probably just there to see some T&A with guns. It did a good job of providing said entertainment. I liked it, it was very good and action packed with out looking too much like a Matrix rip off (yes, it did the whole bending of bullets blah blah blah) but it did it with it's own flair so I'll forgive it that. I think if they wanted to make it a real hit they should have picked a handsome main actor to compliment Angelina. They didn't so it trails behind Wall-E.
Speaking of, Wall E is just an all around awesome awesome movie. Barely any words at all so little little kids will still stay focused though the whole thing but the main story line is so great and telling that adults can totally stay riveted too. Highly highly recommended and I, if you don't already know, am very picky about what I will recommend. I am all about the entertainment factor and I am hard to keep entertained. Just ask the dh, he has a very difficult job. Sometimes he even thinks about complaining but it's hard since he is the complaint department in this household. The offenders (ie dogs) filed a level 1 complaint just this last Monday and were completely ignored. Totally blown off. Apparently it was not understood that when the warden (mommy) left for work at 7:30 am she did not feed said offenders and the CO (daddy) did not get out of bed until...9:30 and didn't think the warden had actually left them unfed. Oh the conditions they endure! So the CO called the warden trying to find out why in the world the biggest offender was dancing on the CO's head while he slept (the warden had let them back in the house when she left). Nothing like 75lbs of boxer butt dancing on ones head to get them up in the morning. Remind me again why we house these brats?
But to sumise, go see the W movies, they are good.

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