Saturday, July 5, 2008

Don't worry

I won't be replacing blog postings with Twitterings. Those will just be little blurbs I can post randomly while I should be doing something else. I posted what, 3 times yesterday? Yup, I had a niiice holiday. I was glad it was raining here so there were very few fireworks going on. I grew up in San Diego about 5 minutes from Sea World. They have fire works every night at 9:00 all summer long. Every night. All summer. For the first 20 years of my life. Yeah, none of us in that area have any fascination left for fireworks. After seeing 3 million of them a year whether you want to or not. Yeah, no fascination at all. Oh and did I mention they are illegal to own or use by an individual in the state of California? So you can watch them but you can't ever buy or use any. You can purchase them in TJ, Mexico but good luck getting explosives back over the border. Prior to 9/11 it was do-able, post 9/11 it's suicidal. Anyway, the result of Seaworld's love of fireworks is a bunch of locals who could care less about them. Actually I'm surprised they are still allowed to do it in such a urban area. If you've been to the San Diego Seaworld you'd know what I was talking about. It's even more urban than the one in San Antonio. I haven't been to the one in Orlando so I don't know how that one is. I do know the one here in San Antonio doesn't do the fireworks every single night all summer long but they are settled in the midst of about 15 subdivisions that must have sound ordinances of some sort.

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