Friday, July 18, 2008

My vet

And the sacrifices she makes for her patients. Today she has a funeral this afternoon so her schedule is already booked. But my little dog is still not quite right this morning and he needs to be looked at . Because, ya know, my mom decided to feed him to my big dog yesterday. Damn parents. Anyway she was kind enough to forgo lunch and will probably pass out during the funeral this after noon but people will probably find that endearing anyway. This is Texas. So I called my mom, told her she's picking up the little miserable Corbinator, who was left on the top step of the stair case this morning moping because he wouldn't come down to be put in his crate. He was too mopey to get himself in any trouble anyway so what do I care. So there he was left and I suspect there he will be when my mom goes to get him for his appointment at 11:30. I am having her swing by here to pick me up and I will take them over to the vets which is near my work rather than trying to tell where it is located. The woman couldn't figure out directions if I pasted them on the inside of her friggin forehead. There's no way I'm going to try and give her directions and trust her to get there with a sick dog and myu kid in the car, no way in hell. Nope just pick up the dog and bring them here to me. I'll get ya'll there just fine. It's like a block away from my work. I do have half a mind to make her pay the damn bill though. It so pisses me off that she doesn't know that "Put Jayne in the crate" actually meant "Put Jayne in the crate" and my dogs have to suffer in pain because she is just that god damn stupid. I mean that is STUPID. Just plain DUMB. God gave you a brain so that you can use it. Not so you have something to fill up the hole on the inside of you skull. Friggin morons that run around like chickens in this world. And before ya'll criticize me and the way I speak about my mother you really need to know about our history together and the fact that she left me when I was 8 and it was the best thing that she did for me in my entire life. Really, it was. The people around me in my life use to try and tell me that I should really be a little less harsh about the way I talked about her. Then the got to know her and the way she behaved. They stopped criticizing me after that. She has this way of doing nice things and then screwing up so badly that all the little nice things she did could never ever make up for all the horrible stupid unforgivable things she does. She's so jacked up I can't even begin to fathom explaining it, you'd just have to experience her and I don't like inflicting her onto other people unless it's called for and it's rarely called for. If you don't know her consider yourself one of the lucky ones.
On that wonderful digression from the point, I'll let you all know what goes on at the vet's office, I hope it's something simple like a popped ear drum.

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