Saturday, July 12, 2008

It was a man

I'm sure of it. It was a man that created the modern day disposable plastic nasty sanitary napkins. Those uncomfortable noisy, crinkly, diaper rash giving, bleach filled, plastic, sweaty, jacked up things we have to wear unless we want to jam a tampon up our vajayjays? Oi I did it again. I started another tmi post with out giving fair warning. I'm sorry. You all should be expecting it by now though shouldn't you? You poor masochistical dears. You've now officially been warned since it's only going to get worse. Relax though this ones not so bad it's more of a male bashing one. My good friend has been insisting that it's a penis thing. All bad things can be linked back to penises. Today I'm going with that one. Go ahead, read my last few posts and see if the root of their misery is not based in penises. Go ahead, do it.
Anyway today I received a package I had been waiting for from a friend of mine, it had momma pads in it. The one friend I had helped with the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt (online cloth diaper treasure hunt, way fun). She has sent me some momma pads, basically sanitary napkins/pads made from the same cloth that they make cloth diapers from. Holy crap where have these things been all my life? I put one on and wow, instant difference. No really, NIGHT and DAY. I can not stress this point more. This is like the difference between indoor plumbing and no running water and toilets in a house. A total night and day difference luxury. Really. If you have to wear pads (like some of us do). Yeah, I know, I did the whole Diva Cup review but remember my cervix was abused 2 days ago. Nothing and I mean NOTHING is going anywhere up near that area for a few weeks on pain of death or severing. Period. End of debate. So pads it is right now until my body is done protesting the abuse it's been given for the greater good of birth control. Since the dh doesn't want to have any more children (post script, the dh debates this but he can rant about that on his own blog. This is my blog and on my blog he can piss off). I won't be having another one of these put in again though, no no. This one's strings will not be cut down. They will be left so that when it needs to be pulled out no one will need to go rooting for it with 15" hemostats. And if the dh doesn't like the strings on this one like he didn't like the strings on the last one he can just suck it up and deal.
But I digress. So back to the momma pads...a WAHM (work at home mom) made these (from soft soft flannel) and I am sooo going to buy more. (If you want the woman's email let me know and I'll pass it on to ya) I need them for back up for those days I just don't want to wear anything complicated like the Diva Cup. Oh and for those who exclusively wear pads and would look into buying a bunch sometimes they have bulk buys over on the Mommy Forum (see list of links on the right) where they get together to get them for a better price. It's kinda hard to find in the cloth diaper section under co-ops. I know, weird but that's how it's organized. You have to register to view the forum and there is a reason for it but I won't bore you with the details. Or I am also going to be making a bulk order from my friend so get a hold of me and get yourself included!
Back to the original theme though, it was a man that invented plastic pads, trying to make money off of us and not really concerned at all with the comfort of a woman. Them & their stupid boy penises.


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