Thursday, July 17, 2008

My mother

and the death of my little dog. Well not yet but maybe soon. She's not the brightest of people and he's not the the toughest of dogs. OK rather, she doesn't do directions well and his nemesis is 3 times his size and unstable. So mom lets my dogs out every day, easy task and it's nice of her to do this task. My big dog is mental, this is a known fact, that's why he's on Prozac every single morning. I'd give it to him twice a day but then he's catatonic and a catatonic 75lb dog is really damn hard to move. No really, it is. Trust me, I've tried and it hurts. Anyway he's wired wrong and sometimes he feels the need to kill other dogs or strangers. He's ok with most people just not strangers. If he's trying to kill another dog it's usually resource guarding and he won't try and bite people if they are peeling his psycho ass off of another dog he's trying to kill. In the world of psycho dogs he's not one of the really bad ones. No, I'm serious, there are worse. You can't talk him down or distract him, you have to peel him off and separate him but you can bring him down if you hose him off or change rooms. He's bad but not that bad. He will eat the mail man/UPS/Fed Ex guy. OK so today the little dog Corbin (little super duper submissive dog) was sleeping under my mom's chair outside and Jayne (big psycho dog) decided that mom was a resource that needed to be guarded. So he attacked the little sleeping dog. Man what a way to ruin that little guy's morning. Anyway mom turned the hose onto the big guy and got him to let the little guy go. She called me and I told her to keep them separate (duh) which she had and if she had to put the big guy back in the house to put him in his crate. By the time I got home at lunch to drop off the car seat that I forgot to leave for her and the kid she met me at the door to let me know that it was a mess. I asked why and she said that Jayne had tried to kill Corbie again but she had problems getting him off of him this time. Of course I asked why and she said she let Jaynie back in the house. So you ask what about the crate? Oh she put him in there for like 15 minutes. It takes something like 3 weeks for the adrenaline from the first fight to get out of the system, why would 15 minutes suffice to calm the dog down? What part of put him in his crate did she not get? Did she think she could peel a 75 lb crazed dog off of a 25 lb dog? The woman is 4'9" tall and weighs less than 100 lbs and no, she has no muscle mass. Yeah she has a brain. No, sadly we have not seen evidence of it's use in many many years. So I have no idea how she got the 2 separated but Jaynie was in his crate looking very distressed and Corbie was on the couch looking very traumatized and a little bloodied and rough around the edges. He may sleep in the king size bed privileges this evening. I sat next to him on the couch and he snuggled up to me and he was so relieved I seriously considered calling into work and not coming back in he was so pathetic ans so relieved his mommy was home. You could just see the relief fall out of his shoulders and he fell asleep happy, poor guy. It's like when you pick your sick kindergardener up from school after they spent the whole morning throwing up at the nurses office. You know the kind of relief I'm talking about? He was so tired though that after I spent 10 minutes sitting with him I got up to eat lunch he didn't even notice so it was alright. Even when I left he didn't get up when the alarm chimed as I opened the door. I suspect he'll sleep hard when I'm gone today. I figure as long as he doesn't die of shock when I'm gone he'll be good to go. We'll give him a bath this evening to get the Jaynie slobber and crusty blood off him this evening and he can sleep in mommy's bed and he'll be fine. Our poor doggy family, they have such a hard life. None of them are right in the head and they all have to deal with each other when one is just a wee bit off that day.

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