Saturday, July 19, 2008

Well Fook

Just when I think I'm all that. I do think I'm a certain degree of computer literate, I do. I can build my own computer and install my own operating systems. Even do a certain amount of trouble shooting and when I can't figure something out I know when to stop and who to call before I jack the system beyond all recognizable repair. Yeah I know that point, I've been there and it ain't pretty. It can be fixed but it makes my repair guy cranky and it's really unnecessary. Anyway the dh is not the techie in the household no that would be me. I set up the computers and the dvd player and the cable/tv system, etc. And I'm ok dandy fine with that. But the music, that's all him. And I'm ok with that too, really I am. If I need a disc burned for the car I just hum a few notes of the song or maybe throw a few lyrics out there (if he's lucky because I really don't listen to the words, that's his job) and he burns it, ads in some other songs and we're good. Everybody in the family has their job and it's good right? Right. Ok. So, today roles around and I get all full of myself and totally try to overstep my role in the family. Bad idea. Need a few more ibuprofin now. brb.
'k. now. 30 more minutes and maybe I'll be able to see through my left eye again if the brain pain goes away from the pissed off'edness from the pooter angst. Yeah so I manage to get the iPhone situation straightened out. AT&T phone call sends me to the Apple store who sends me to the AT&T store (which is where I need to go to buy a little card thingy, no problemo) so I can set said old gen iPhone up (thanks Jas!) and I do. I connect it up to dh's comp because he's the music guy and his comp is the one with iTunes on it (side note, my comp does not have speakers, the sound drivers don't work, funky mother board, long story, home built, don't ask) and you need iTunes for the iPhone. Yeah whatever. So I manage to set up the iPhone which I think it kinda did on it's own because I didn't really prompt it to....anyway it works and I can send and receive calls, tada! OK but I can't figure out how to get the music on iTunes onto it. That kinda pissed me off a wee bit but I just blew it off as something the dh can figure out pretty simply because that was his thing right? Right. OK so moving on. This entire time, in the background I had a bouncing 6yr old squealing and going on about how she wanted her new Hannah Montana CD downloaded onto her Barbie Girl (mp3 player) also connected to dh's comp and it has it's own pink little file system and game system that they both do together, very cute and it's just a pen drive so it can't be that hard right? Oh damn did that thing piss me off. Yuppers skeedoodles I think that's what pushed me right over the edge. By the end of that nothing made it onto the iPhone or the pink Barbie girl and I couldn't see out of my left eye and the kid was crying in the shower. Yeah fabooolus evening. Daddy's going to be thrilled when he gets home, no doubt in my mind. I know he loooves working weekends when he gets to leaves his two lovelies home to grate on each other's nerves. Oh and did I tell you that I think Jaynie has it in for the little guy STILL? I am keeping my eyes peeled on that big dog. He's going to swallow Corbie whole as soon as I turn my back.
And was that one run on sentence or two? Sorry about that, should've taken the pain pills earlier I spose.


Trailboss said...

OK time to take a breath!

MichelleSG said...

That's what the blog is for!

AnnaM said...

I see you didnt get BETTER after I called.
You were supposed to let it go, and move on to other things.

MichelleSG said...

I was writing the blog post while I was talking to you. That's why I sounded so fruity. Or rather, fruitier than normal?