Thursday, July 24, 2008

My husband and his career path

He's never really had one. Well he did, kinda, when he was younger. He was raised by his mom and his mom was an elementary school teacher and a dominant kind of woman (as are all the woman in this poor man's life) and so he decided that he would become an elementary school teacher. He went to college, got his 4 yr degree, did his time and got his teaching certificate and went though all that and became a kindergarten teacher. And so that didn't work out so well, not so much the teaching (it was all right but not all that, he's a smart guy and it wasn't all that stimulating, but the administration) Yup the principal didn't think men should be kindergarten teachers so she drove him out of teaching. So begins the long list of careers that my husband has gone on to try and find his 'career path'. I put that phrase in quotes because I don't believe in that phrase any more, it's so archaic, a throw back from the 50's. I suppose I have a career path but only because what I was trained in straight out of college was so specialized and I have always been able to find a job in that it's just like back in the 50's where I have my own little niche that I fit into and only I can and a few other people can do it. It's my running joke, I'm special, just like Jerry's kids....
Anyway the DH, he's always wanted to do something manly or risky or something like that. Assasin or swat or police officer or what ever. So he ends up as this correctional officer at a max security prison and lo and behold it's not all that. Wow, big friggin surprise there. It's not the prisoners either, nope, it's the redneck ass backwards co workers and the stupid long hours and 168 mile round trip commute. What can ya do? So today he decides to got to the Army recruiters office. Oh yeah, that's the next cool job on the list. With that last cool job career choice I'm just all excited about this next one let me tell you! So this next one is special forces, can I get a Boo Yah from ya'll? Yeah I thought not. I wish I could get excited from one of these great ideas he comes up with I really do because I'm supposed to be the supportive wife right? Right? I'm the bad wife aren't I? I think this goes back to that blog post I did where I am not into that whole 60's crap where we burned our bras and thought it was cool that we got to put the kids in day care right after we popped them out and then go straight back to work and get paid low wages. I think it's all just fucked up and the system is jacked, yup that's what I think. Bitter much? Just a little bit, yup I think just a little.


Aweesan said...

Special forces with whom? The Army or a special detail in corrections? Please 'spain to me Lucy :) I'z confoosed :)

Good luck regardless!!!!

MichelleSG said...