Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I had to share

Because many of you do not have the stupid amount of free time I have during the day (since the new instrument I was hired to run is still not fully installed) I want to point out an article that I found on CNN (no, it's not one of those serious ones) called
A Romance Contingency Plan
Yes, the woman is married or at least has a life partner of sorts but the others she chooses and the thought process behind them, I can find no fault with. If I have the free time and the wit/creativity I'll try to come up with my own list but in the mean time....
leave a comment or email me with your own list. And an explanation of why, that's the fun part. I mean normally you'd think Walter Cronkite? Are you serious? But it makes sense in her article. Right? Not that I'd want him for the same reasons but hey, every girl has her preferences.

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